Monday, January 04, 2010

Sony Vaio battery use.

So I've powered up my laptop for the first time since the 30th and I note it's at 54% battery life? Um I don't set it to sleep, I don't set it to hibernate, I set it to switch off.

So either I've got some wake-up from peripheral power being used, or I'm supposed to be able to use it as a media player or some such with the main OS switched off. I'm guessing the former.


Orphi said...

I'm still impressed with my laptop battery.

I mean, they tell you in the advert that the battery lasts for 16 hours straight without a single recharge (or something equally laughable). But of course, in reality the battery is flat after about 20 minutes of use. (Ever heard of POV-Ray?)

But not this laptop. This one day actually run for more than an hour on battery power alone. And I've had it almost a year now, and the battery isn't broken yet. And the glide pad is so nice that I can actually use it. In fact, this is the first laptop I've ever seen which you can literally pick up, put on your lap and just use. Even the speakers aren't bad…

One of my better buys.

FlipC said...

Remind me as to your laptop again.

I've run this FW21L for around two hours before noticing the power down to 20% on High Performance and leaning over to flick the socket on. The glide pad works and is better than DaBoss' laptop. The speakers are as to be expected for laptop speakers in that they're a little tinny, but again better than most.

I still miss a numpad though and yes I could buy a plug-in version, but I'm not that desperate for one.

Orphi said...

Acer Aspire 6930.

It has a numpad. (The box also loudly screams “widescreen” and “high definition”, even though I bought the version lacking a BluRay drive. It also cleans Dolby Home Theatre…)

Laptopa invariably have a glide pad that's absolutely crap, but this one actually works quite nicely. Usually the first thing I do to a laptop is plug in a real mouse, but I've owned this one for almost a year now without ever plugging a mouse in.

Similarly, most laptop speakers are pitiful. (It's OK, we understand. The physics of producing full-scale sound from a small membrain surface just don't work out.) But this laptop manages to produce sound which is reasonably loud, lacks distortion and even has a modest amount of bass.

Also impressive is the way the laptop never becomes even moderately warm. (You can fry an egg on my old laptop!) On the other hand, the mains adaptor is always white-hot… Oh, and because it never heats up, no fan. In fact, the whole unit is very quiet.

It's got some nice little touch controls to adjust the volume, but unfortunately only the “up” button works; the &lfquo;down” button never seems to work!

Of course, presumably now I've said how much I like it, it will immediately explode or something…

FlipC said...

Oh inevitably it'll blow up now and you'll get stuck with Acer Customer Support.

No fan? I'm surprised, I mean mine's got one but it only kicks in when it's doing something intense like a virus scan. Although it doesn't get overly warm it's noticeable if you leave something like a pen next to the side grill then pick it up "Oo that's warm"

Heh if the weather stays like this I might need to use it as a heater.

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