Monday, January 04, 2010

Tav's back!

From a comment here and over at the Shuttle (as well as the site itself)Tav over at the Wyre Forest Agenda is back in business. Typically the one period I wasn't popping over to see if anything new had cropped up was when he restarted. Trouble is without a feed I can't add it to my list for auto-updating, so any chance of joining the WordPress/Blogger crowd or getting a feed up Tav?

At the moment the big story is the proposed incinerator at Hartlebury. Long-time readers may recall similar plans for the old Sugar Beet site that ended up scrapped. A major line in that though was the sheer stupidity of having that many trucks trundling through that road network. I'll have a look at the arguments presented against at some point.


Don B said...

I had a look at the evidence they presented wearing my "Bad Science" glasses and was left feeling that they were relying on one source for all their scientific evidence about the health and environmental impact and it was not possible to judge whether that source was peer reviewed or generally accepted by the scientific community. As a result I concluded that the evidence was biased against an incinerator. No comparison was being made to compare the downside of all the options to the waste that our society produces.

FlipC said...

Without fisking it to harshly, a quick glance at their information page led me to querying who exactly the "British Society for Ecological Medicine" was (and cursing that I had to type that out).

Although main membership of BSEM requires you to be a "registered medical, dental [or] veterinary practitioners" A quick Google for their president shows links to the Autism Scare, the Alliance for Natural Health, oh and the JNEM that features on his credentials is, in fact, the BSEM Journal so big whoop for that.

Looking around at its heart it seems to be an advocacy for Alternative Medicine, without mentioning the A word.

Oh and that quote at the bottom from Dr. Paul Connett is taken from a 1998 conference so is already 10+ years out of date.

So no links to sources, no independent studies hmmm I think I have to agree with you.

Tavis Pitt said...

Oh, I have longed for a rss feed and also a search facility, but I'm too stubborn to move onto WordPress/Blogger. I'm staying with the stone-tablet version of blogging and write all my pages in a text editor. However, for the new year I will try to enter the 'Teenies' with more up to date technology. I will also put some work into Wyfopedia.

For the 'nitty-gritty' of the 'Say No to the Incinerator' campaign I would recommend subscribing to their mailing list. There you see everything (warts 'n all), including the entire list (there is a WFDC councillor or two in there)!

FlipC said...

Okay the search and RSS feed deserves an entry by itself rather than trying to cram it all into a comment.

I'll jump into the Incinerator in a bit.