Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Driving distances

I'm still amazed at how close some people get especially in bad weather. One oncoming car was tailgating a van, you know one of those without a rear-view mirror, in this mist/fog. Yesterday I was behind a skip truck (with skip in place) I could just about see his side-mirrors which meant by the 'law' of bumper stickers he could see me; if I edged closer they would vanish. So what? Well there was a car two lengths ahead between the two of us.

I just don't get it


Orphi said...

People are idiots. What's to get?

What I can't figure out is the Shogun we followed this morning, driving along at 40 in a 60 zone. I mean, nothing in front of him, it's a bright clear morning, there's no snow, there's no ice, there's no water, it's +8°C, so… what's the problem here??

More like a Slowgun than a Shogun. :-P

FlipC said...

Well somehow these idiots have managed to pass a driving test. I mean I'll happily go along with Scot Adams' 'sometimes we'll all idiots'.

Okay on occasion some vehicles have something heavy or lose in the back that means they'll drive at a reduced speed, normally though it's possible to tell with something sticking at the back window. Most of the time though you have to wonder.

So the new slogan for the Shogun is Slowgun :-P

Orphi said...

They passed a driving test. Which means that once upon a time, they knew how to drive correctly. And that is all. ;-)

I remember some comedian doing some sketch about this.

“Apparently the government are thinking about making it compulsory to retake your test every few years. Can you imagine that? You'd fail! You've picked up too many bad habits. ‘Hold on mate, let me just get a tape out’ [rummages around] There we are.”

Yeah, it's not funny without watching the guy on stage. And I suck at telling jokes…

FlipC said...

I know Jasper Carrot did a skit like that and you're right about bad habits. Something along the lines of "You get a £50 fine, three points on your licence and have to re-take your test... retake your test! You'd be driving along someone would roar past 'Don't worry I'll get him at the next lights' no way you could ever pass again"

Da said...

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