Monday, January 11, 2010

FEAR quick review

I finally managed to finish it and despite its lack of achievements I'm tempted to play it again (I even picked up FEAR2 at the weekend and have been on that all weekend). Sure it's a basic FPS with bullet-time, but the atmospherics are good, I never got frustrated or felt cheated when I died. So a good game... except the ending.

Felt like the developers had just given up for the last sections. Instead of Replica Soldiers moving through offices etc. Flanking you, throwing grenades and basically acting like good AI should (with some problems as is always the case) instead you're thrown into a narrow corridor affair with nasties teleporting in and making a bee-line straight at you. With one-shot kills it's a fish in a barrel shoot even despite the fact the game cheats by switching out your weapon load for less effective ones than those you've been hoarding ammunition for.

Also not helped that the game crashed during the load of the next final section and I had to replay it again from scratch (no save feature). Doubly not helped that having done so I got into the elevator to take me up to the load point and stood too close to the edge and got squished before it made it. So that's three times I had to replay that awful section.