Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow driving

The snow is still falling, but doesn't seem to be sticking. I've just got back in to be told that if I'd been parked where I am now five minutes ago my car would have been wiped out by a turning truck travelling sideways. Needless to say I've moved my car to a safer spot.

Now while skidding happens what is poor is the degree to which some people are driving. I've already mentioned the cars up my arse if I dare to travel just under the maximum limit, but I've already seen one driver on a mobile while turning a corner and that very truck I mentioned I met coming the other way decided that while driving down the snow/ice/potholed road towards me to take his eyes off the road and lean over to fiddle with something on the other side of the cab - excellent.

Does this weather bring out the morons or is it that with the reduced traffic they're much more noticeable?


Orphi said...

Maybe the snow makes all the sensible people stay at home?

(Although I notice you're still out… ;-) )

FlipC said...

Yeah, but I'm mad, mad I tells ya!

I'm fortunate in that I have no kids that are staying at home with the schools shut and I'm not far off the main roads at both ends of my journey. Unlike DaBoss whom I've not heard from, but has his laptop on with Skype and thus I guess is still at home.

Also it's a cascade dependency, I need to be physically here to perform actions that would prevent others from doing their thing and so on.

It's like my father in stores. If he's not there workers can't get supplies and can't fix things that have probably broken down in these conditions. Just makes things worse.