Thursday, January 28, 2010

iTunes and the non-default Outlook Store

Every single bit of mobile software that syncs to Outlook that I've got allows me to choose what I sync, but most importantly where it syncs from. Got a secondary personal store on Outlook that you use and want to sync it to your personal mobile phone, not a problem just point it in the right direction.

Every. Single. One. Except iTunes. For iTunes the only choice you have is to sync or not to sync. You will sync to the default folder and you will not have a choice in this matter.

For all it's vaunted high-tech snazzy ware Apple seem to have a software mindset rooted firmly somewhere in the 80's.


Orphi said...

I'm a little confused — what is there to sync?

FlipC said...

Mostly the calendar, keeping work and personal appointments in two different stores, but you can still see both side-by-side in Outlook 07. So say "Appointment to deal with haemorrhoids" on the personal calendar you can mark that on the business one as simple "Unavailable" ;-)