Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow aftermath?

Other than some snow last night nothing seems to be falling out the sky so far. The roads in Stourport are clear particularly in the town, but boy is it quiet.

Trouble is all the snow is turning to slush and if the temperatures stay the same will no doubt freeze.

Most drivers and pedestrians seem to be behaving though there are of course some exceptions. Of the oncoming traffic I saw a car being followed too closely by a Sky van. If this is the same one I've seen around he does delight in sitting on your arse.

And coming in to work I gently turned the blind corner and had to move to the other lane thanks to the BT Openreach van parked on the corner. Nice straight road nothing stopping him parking a little further up, but no that would mean having to work back and forth a bit.

Trundling over the bridge I noted the pristine conditions of the paths next to the river, that might have something to do with the snow drifts piled up what appeared to be a couple of feet or more in places.


Orphi said...

Milton Keynes has about 3 to 5 cm of snow, depending on where you look. Here in the deserted farmer's field just south of Coventry, it's more like 8mm or so.

The roads seem comparatively deserted. I mean, there's a few cars around, but nothing compared to how busy the roads usually are.

Even my dance class last night was pretty empty…

What I can't figure out is how driving around at 70 doesn't blow the snow off my car.

FlipC said...

Does sound like that part of the country's got off lightly. It's just started again here about the same light flakes that fell at the start yesterday morning.

As for the snow on your car remember it's bonded to the snow beneath and to to the sides so I'd expect it erode at the edges or if you suddenly accelerate or brake.

Orphi said...

It's started snowing again here. Not particularly heavy, but moderately big fluffy bits of snow.

You know what really shakes the snow off the car? When a truck drives past in the other direction. The huge bow wave usually causes a massive landslide of snow of the roof sliding down over the windscreen so you can't see where the hell you're going any more.

And, of course, if you're going forward fast, the wind can blow snow up the screen too…

Don B said...

Snow DIY

My neighbours have just gone up the road with a trailer full of grit. One driving and a second standing in the trailer effectivly throwing the grit in an arc across the width of the road

FlipC said...

Oo I don't know about that. Did they have the proper insurance to perform that task ;-)

Don B said...

It's part of our village community spirit!!!

FlipC said...

Will it be held liable if someone gets a face-full of grit by accident?

Don't you know you can't do anything in this country now without all the forms signed in triplicate :-P

Don B said...

Oh what a litigatious society we live in. The individuals right to sue comes into your mind before the society's greater good.

Back in 1947, 1949 and the winters of the early 1950s the first task that my mother expected me to do when it snowed was to go and clear all the paths from the house: first to the coal, then to the road and finally the pavements outside our house to link up to next door who had cleared in a similar fashion. I don't remember having any elderly neighbours but if we had I feel sure she have expected me to go and clear there as well.

I think it was all part of the "Protestant Work Ethic" that has remained with me ever since and probably why I support "Open Access" and things like Wyfopedia and various forms of workers co-ops.

FlipC said...

By coincidence your first post coincided with someone mentioning they'd cleared their driveway, but stopped at the public path because if anyone slipped on the that section they might be held liable.

So that's what was in mind when you mentioned someone slinging grit off a trailer.

Back on topic and I agree. To a certain extent though we're paying for certain services via both tax and rates so the adage of keeping a dog and barking yourself comes to mind.

For instance they've gritted the main road, but none of the estates the businesses of which also pay tax. So you might get out, but you might still be unable to get to work :-)