Tuesday, January 12, 2010

District 9 review.

Managed to catch District 9 on blu-ray last night. Not bad, not bad at all. Shot in the form of a documentary interspersed with unbroadcasted 'real' footage it deals with the events 20 years from the point when a spaceship comes to a halt over Johannesburg and turns out to be filled with what amounts to alien refugees. Basically a cynical look at "Alien Nation". Rather than near-human aliens we have "prawns" and instead of attempts to integrate them they end up segregated in a ghetto.

The documentary footage switches between man-in-the-street and talking-head cut with shaky news footage. With the 'real' footage being what you'd expect from a standard action film. It blends well and contrasts between actual events and PR and provides a nice breather between the action without giving away the main storyline.

The ending may seem a little deus ex machina though, but it was all foreshadowed if you pay attention.