Friday, January 29, 2010

Good old iTunes losing playlists

Tried to automatically update to version 9.02 and it fell over (not my computer... or me). Restarting it had once again lost my playlists and library and yes my Purchased list under iStore. Manually upgraded and they were still missing. Oh it still knows who I am with my iStore sign-in and that my computer is authorised. Just the playlists that go whoosh.

So lesson to everyone export important playlists to the XML format so you can import them back in.

Oh almost forgot I found a way to get the Purchased list back under iStore. I'd created a new Smart list with Purchased equals True then exported it, clicked on iStore then File|Library|Import Playlist picked it out and there it was. Not sure if it's 'smart' in that new purchases will be added to it I'll have to wait and see.

[And now as of 9.2 that little trick doesn't work, the Purchased Smart list appears as a normal playlist]


Anonymous said...

Damn annoying. This is happening to my wife's itunes every few weeks...

FlipC said...

But it's Apple and they're sooooo brilliant! Must be our fault ;-)