Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Music Playlist

There now follows by alphabetical track order those songs I've paid for from iTunes. Judge not lest ye be judged ;-)

Angel Witch
Angel Witch
Barber's Adagio for Strings
William Orbit
Bohemian Rhapsody
Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna - Coro (Da
Berliner Philharmoniker & Sir Simon Rattle
Carol of the Bells
Arthur Fiedler
Danger! High Voltage
Electric Six
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Blue Öyster Cult
Florence + The Machine
The Rapture
Faith No More
Face to Face (Soundtrack Version)
Siouxsie & The Banshees
The Chemical Brothers
Gay Bar
Electric Six
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Daft Punk
Heart and Soul
Hey Boy Hey Girl
The Chemical Brothers
I Believe in a Thing Called Love
The Darkness
It's My Life
No Doubt
A Little Time
The Beautiful South
Live and Let Die
Guns N' Roses
Mad World
Michael Andrews & Gary Jules
Mean Green Mother from Outerspace
No Sleep Tonight
The Faders
Over and Over
Hot Chip
Paint It Black (Stereo Version)
The Rolling Stones
Paradise City
Guns N' Roses
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Florence + The Machine
Ride a White Horse (Single Version)
Right Here, Right Now
Fatboy Slim
Smooth Criminal
Alien Ant Farm
Something Good
Utah Saints
Shakespears Sister
Norah Jones
Sweet Child o' Mine
Guns N' Roses
Swords & Tequila
Sympathy for the Devil
The Rolling Stones
Until We Bleed
Voodoo Child
Rogue Traders
Welcome to the Jungle
Guns N' Roses
Where's Your Head At?
Basement Jaxx
Wuthering Heights
Kate Bush
You're History
Shakespears Sister
You've Got the Love
Florence + The Machine
Youth Gone Wild
Skid Row


Orphi said...

The first CD I ever owned was 2 Unlimited: The Story So Far.

I'm guessing that disqualifies me from ever criticising anything, ever.

If I were to list all the music I own, first of all it would take a really, really long time. And secondly, it's all over the place. I have Holst: The Planets sitting next to The Prodigy: Fat of the Land. And next to that is Tangerine Dream: Phaedra. And then comes The Beach Boys. It's a mad, mad world in there…

FlipC said...

Oh that's nothing the first single of mine and that's vinyl (stop making me feel old) was ABBA's Gimme Gimme Gimmee (A Man After Midnight) and I can easily sing "No Limit"; got played a lot in the clubs and just sticks in the head.

I've never really owned a lot of music. Singles were always too expensive and albums always seemed a waste as half of the songs were rubbish. Then again you would occasionally hit the odd gem unreleased as a single, but the odds were low.

Also it seems like yourself I range around so I couldn't gravitate to the right section of the music store and thus pick up stuff that caught my eye. I'd go in for something specific I'd heard.

The other joy was the rise of the music video, sometimes the video itself was worth the money even if the song wasn't, but at the time (stop making me feel old :-) ) you couldn't buy them unless they got compiled onto VHS and then you were back with the same problem as buying an album.

So the rise of iTunes and its like has really helped me out, but not my wallet.

Orphi said...

ABBA did some quality songs. And IMHO, that was definitely one of them. It's not the deepest thing ever, but it really vividly recreates the feel of a long lonely night.

As for No Limit… there are, like, 12 words in the entire song! Of course you can sing it! :-P (I can play it too. In fact, it's one of the first tracker songs I ever put together.)

When I was younger, I used to hear individual songs and like them. I'd get my dad to copy the ones I liked from CD into tape. (Stop making me feel old!)

Of course, back then we still had a few people making good music. (Stop making me feel old!!)

These days I tend to buy whole albums. It's hit and miss, but often you do get some good stuff. Like, if an artist has produced one or more tracks that I like, chances are there's a few more on the disk somewhere.

On the other hand, sometimes something like Sonique happens. I heard the two singles and liked them, so I bought the album. I liked both the singles on there, and absolutely nothing else.

Or, for that matter, Sash. Liked several singles, bought the album, it sounded nothing remotely like what I'd heard. All the tracks were remixes. So I took the CD back and got a refund. HMV is like that. (I bet iTunes doesn't give refunds!)

Now I tend to just buy albums from people I've heard of. Buy any album that says Enya on the front, and it'll probably contain good stuff. Ditto The Prodigy (ignoring Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned for a moment).

Trouble is, today people don't seem to produce great music any more. Mostly they produce music that features a video of a half-naked girl wiggling her arse, and it goes straight to number one because everybody loves the video. *sigh*

FlipC said...

Yeah, but you have to be really secure in your heterosexuality to start singing Gimme a man after midnight or to have it discovered in your collection :-P

On albums that's the rub that's been eliminated by places like iTunes, you no longer have to guess you can get a nice preview of what it's like there and then.

Of course you can get something like Spaceman by Babylon Zoo where a snippet was used for an advert, everyone rushed out to buy it and the majority of the song switched from this zippy zaniness to a total dirge. So you can still get caught out that way.

Yeah it's a monotonous beat with something whizzy over the top that you can waggle about to on a dancefloor; with it's popularity being deemed by the bling in the video. That said sometimes the videos truly are excellent might not be to your taste but check YouTube for "Electric Six" videos "Gay Bar" and "Danger" those cheer me up every time just totally OTT Campness oh um not at work obviously.

Orphi said...

I've only ever been asked out once in my entire life. And it had to be by a gay bloke, didn't it? *shivers*

Anyway, just because I own a song and I like listening to it doesn't mean I have to sing it. ;-)

I still go to physical shops and buy albums all the time. I quite often buy 'em without even hearing 'em.

And, yes, I own (mercifully the single of) Spaceman. For extra funkiness, try playing it backwards. Sounds trippy. But then, so does Golden Brown…

This Christmas was a bit lame, but the year before I got a huge pile of swag. Pendulum, Smash Mouth, Enya, Enigma, Jem, The Chemical Brothers… all at once! Not only that, but the album from Pendulum was far better than their last, ditto for Enigma, same again for Enya… shame Jem. ;-)

I guess good music is still out there. It's just harder to find because it's not popular any more.

This year, I got 101 Trance Anthems for Christmas. 6 CDs of music. There are some real gems in there — but they aren't easy to find, unfortunately.