Thursday, January 21, 2010

Traffic back to normal

You can tell everything's back to normal with the roads when the 5min Sunday drive takes half-an-hour heading home from work.

Yes it's that good old Gilgal/Mitton Street combination that winds its way back to the OGL island. Yes it's the cars stopping whenever someone from Gilgal sweeps through to Mitton Street except of course it's dark. What that means is that cars travelling down Gilgal have their lights on and those in the left-hand lane that aren't heading into Mitton Street appear identical to those that are.

So all the cars stop everytime something comes down Gilgal. It's a ridiculous situation and the short-term answer is to do a Baldwin Road and force everyone into the left-hand lane and close off the connection. Yeah it means a jam into the left-hand lane as everyone now has to use it, but that's not really a problem during the low traffic periods and no different during the peak times. The long term answer is to extend the splitter triangle into Mitton Street thus denying traffic from overlapping.

Never going to happen of course and it'll just get worse once Tesco lands.