Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snow update

I'm told that traffic in Kidderminster is pretty bad, not sure about Stourport.

[Update Stourport is gridlocked down to Worcester Road as everyone's trying to leave at the same time. There's also apparently a burst water main on the Walshes. And Holt Heath (who the hell would go up that in this weather?) is blocked as lorries can't make the hill and try to turn around and can't]

Snow is easing off, but I've just spoken to someone who said that we're expecting two phases a light one then a heavy one. If this was light I'm going to hate seeing the heavy.

[Update and has stopped easing off and drifting back down again]


Orphi said...

When I first looked, we had individual ice crystals falling, not more than 1mm across.

A bit later, that changed to lumps just barely large enough to be flake-shaped rather than just single crystals. But there were slightly less of them falling.

We now have flakes worth calling flakes, though still pretty small. The quantity comming down varies, as does the wind blowing it around which makes it look “more violent”. But still, if you look at the ground, you'd never know it had snowed today.