Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow aftermath 2

Again the main roads seem clear, but of course that's little use if you can't get to them. Backed off the drive onto the side road went to move forward and spun in place. Remembering Orphi's witness account I spun my wheels as fast as they could go but it didn't work!

Only joking, I straightened up my wheels and tried to move forward slowly. No success "Oh great!". I then backed up slowly and then moved forward at a slight angle to my original position and moved off with little difficulty.

Still people thinking that because the roads appear clear you should be travelling at the speed limit. Oh travelling down the Worcester "B" Road last night was a pain. No street lights, can't see the kerb, and the dividing line was hidden under snow. I just stayed in the ruts from previous travellers and stuck to 25-30mph down the 50.

Arrived at work and spotted the ruts in the snow from where I normally park and without thinking drove into them. Then stopped, thought about it and backed slowly out and repositioned the car on the fresh layer next to them. I checked when I got out and yep rock-solid ice from the slush.