Friday, June 25, 2010

Canadian Police gain Powers

I love news feeds because they drop in so many odd headlines that just grab attention "Police get new powers for G20" X-ray vision, super-strength something like that? Nope turns out that Canada's government sneaked in some extra stop-and-search powers for the police during the G20 summit. Go within 5 metres of the security area and you are obliged to provide the police with ID and allow them to search you.

Seeing as by default they can't normally do this the logical response to such a request would be "Um no" which could see you arrested and facing a $500 for failing to obey a law that the government didn't tell anyone they'd created and purposefully kept under the radar until pressured by journalists into admitting it existed. Nice.

Next up anyone wearing a hat within 10 metres of the area is subject to immediate arrest, but ssshh don't tell anyone.

The Apple iPhone 4

"Can you find out how much the new iPhone is so I can get one for myself and [DaMissus]" asked DaBoss as I grappled with the tower.
"Oh I saw something pop up in my news reader about that hold-on. Yep it's about the antenna "

Reads article about how holding the phone in a certain manner can cut-off the antenna signal.

"I think we'll wait a bit"

But good news Steve Jobs is on the case with a solution "Don't hold it like that" brilliant the man's a genius. Of course some cynical people think that the optional £25 'bumpers' that Apple sell to protect the antenna were introduced solely because of this problem.

Virus-clean a computer

A tower-box landed on my desk late this morning from DaBoss. A friend's been having trouble with the Internet can't access pages, etc. There's a virus programme on there something old from McAfee. I disable it and install AVG Free from a CD.

Resident Shield goes mad on boot and the scan shows two different trojans spread about on the computer. Now in this computer has multiple accounts so in theory only the 'naughty' person should be a problem. Trouble is said person is an Administrator with full access to the entire disk.

Damn it Microsoft you go to all the trouble to create multiple accounts for XP and then by default give everyone full privileges. Even better I didn't have the password to access the account so while DaBoss gave his friend a call I used the three-fingered-salute to bypass the pretty login page and tried as plain old Administrator without a password - straight in [sigh].

Anyway AVG is reporting it as clean now so I can send it back. Oh and he was using the latest greatest IE8 for his web browsing, don't know if that had anything to do with it but I'll slap on Firefox for him.

A449 night closure.

Jim's pointed out the order in this week's Shuttle they're shutting down the A449 (the main route that supposedly bypasses much of Stourport and Kidderminster) from its junction with the A4025 (the Mitre Oak) to its junction with the A442 (Hoobrook McDonalds).

That's just over 4 miles in both directions closed for "resurfacing works". Now the good news is that this is only going to be at operating at night 22:00 - 06:00 for 10 nights "over a 4 week period". So 10 nights out of 28, um which ones. Oh and this went into this week's Shuttle and is commencing the 28th i.e. next Monday.

What the hell are they working on that requires this entire stretch to be shut-down?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playstation Plus more details

It's nice to get more details to what's been said before, but it's important to note that this a new service that is supposedly being launched on the 29th of this month. So getting the fine details now is cutting things a little close.

So is it pretty much what I thought it was going to be? No. It's exactly what I thought it was going to be. The games on offer both full and trial are those that Sony pick and if you miss out on that month tough. Of the full game trials on offer for month 1 we get Shatter a PSN breakout clone; and Savage Moon a PSN tower defence game. For month 2 InFamous and Mushroom Wars a PSN RTS. So that's three PSN games and one 'proper' retail game that were all released last year. Yes we'll all be flocking to try those.

Stereoisomeric Dice

Just an example of how my brain clicks. I was reading an article last might that featured a picture of a D20 that is a twenty-sided die and I suddenly wondered who decided how the numbers on it are arranged. To make this simpler I'll drop down to a D6 that is a six-sided die.

Logically the probability of any of the numbers landing face-up is 1/6th non-logically the highest face should be furthest away from the lowest face. In terms of reality this makes sense for reasons I'll show with higher-sided dice. So the 1 face is positioned opposite the 6 face; using this logic the 2 face is opposite the 5 face and the 3 face opposite the 4 so each opposite pair of faces add to 7.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adobe PDF choking on creating complex file

Needed to create some art work for a business. Mix of text, art and some OLE embedding from other programmes. For vector work of this type I tend to work best with CorelDraw; it has its flaws, but for the simple things it works well. All is well until I come to pass it along via email and chose to use the copy of Adobe Acrobat that came with the computer to turn into a PDF file via "print to PDF"

Now there's a lot of grouped vectors, so there's around 10,000 objects in total nothing really major the file's around 3.5Mb and takes Corel about 4 seconds to open. Adobe can't handle it, or at least can't seem to handle that many vector objects that quickly. Half an hour and it only got around half-way through. Imagine having the client want to alter something and having to re-send it.

I bumped it over to another computer and used PrimoPDF. It took less than a minute and this was a much slower computer than mine. Something wrong here.

So I pulled up Adobe Distiller direct and took a look at what it wanted to import - PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript. Hey CorelDraw will export to that. So I end up with .eps files and plug them into Distiller. About a minute later out pops the file and it is slightly different to that produced by PrimoPDF in that it's slightly better.

So to anyone having trouble see if you can export to a .ps or .eps and run it directly; might save an awful lot of time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Borderlands DLC review

Yes I splurged on the three downloadable areas for Borderlands - The Zombie Island of Dr Ned, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

All three don't directly slot into the game you can only reach them via the fast-travel network, which means that if you start a new game they can't be reached until the 'Repair the fast travel network' is completed. So what do they contain.

[Update - in fact they do show up on the post at the first arena, however I'm unsure how you're supposed to return]

[Update I now have all four 2Claptrap's New Robot Revolution"going cheap]

Monday, June 21, 2010

Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move

A little bit over three years later and both Microsoft and Sony have finally caught up with the Nintendo Wii. But have they surpassed it?

BP and the American Hypocrisy

A foreign company creates an ecological disaster in a country, the company's host country responds, the country's government responds, orders are made to the company to clean things up, answer to possible charges and set aside a fund to compensate victims. Am I talking about BP in 2010, yes; but I could just as well as be talking about Union Carbide in 1984. Let's plot the similarites.

In 2010 an oil drilling operation off the coast of the USA and nominally in the hands of BP went wrong and oil started flooding out into the surrounding waters. The oil failed to be contained and spread onto the American coastline.

In 1984 a pesticide factory in Bhopal India, owned by a subsidiary of United Carbide went wrong and leaked an amount of a cyanate into the surrounding area.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Microsoft eliminate XBox 360 RROD

Fanboys will be pleased to hear that in the brand new hardware version of the XBox360 Microsoft have complete eliminated the Red Ring Of Death that plagued so many early models... now it's a Red Dot Of Death instead. Yup they've just changed out the LEDs.

Okay slightly unfair the newer models have lessened the cause of the RROD, but still it is amusing that they've done this.

Free schools falling at the first hurdle

From the Guardian some more details emerge of how the 'free' schools are to be set up. So a shake-up of planning regulations - good. It would be a bit pointless to try this if the result was that you could only set one up in a school-type building.

O fickle Valve

For PS3 owners the reason we got the short-end of the stick when it came to The Orange Box (in poorer performance, fewer updates etc.) could be placed at the doorstep of Gabe Newell head of Valve the developers of Half Life.

In 2007 we got

"The PS3 is a total disaster on so many levels, I think It's really clear that Sony lost track of what customers and what developers wanted"
"Investing in the Cell, investing in the SPE gives you no long-term benefits. There's nothing there that you're going to apply to anything else. You're not going to gain anything except a hatred of the architecture they've created"
Which is why EA had to take over and code it themselves and yet here we are in 2010 and we discover from the same guy that
the PS3 edition of Portal 2 was the best console version available.
So what's changed? Sony's PS3 allows the use of Valve's own online network system SteamWorks whereas Microsoft's XBox360 won't.

Yep it's the old male tale "Hey I know I kept calling you ugly compared to my girlfriend but that's before I discovered you put out"

Free schools

Making the news is the government announcement regarding the creation of 'free' schools; allowing anyone to create a school, be funded directly from the government yet be out of the jurisdiction of the local school board.

For me this can go either way and it all depends on how it's implemented.

Tesco is coming

A blink and you'd miss it sign has appeared at the Carpets of Worth site peeking over the wall and angled not quite with the flow of traffic proclaiming that a new Tesco's is coming.

Sounds like they're confident that all the appeals will go their way. Let's see when building actually starts though.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playstation Plus

Sneaking in at E3 this week was the announcement of a new subscription service for the currently free Playstation Network. The official announcement is here but much more information can be found here.

What's getting some people excited is the news that this relies on system version 3.40 when we're currently at 3.30 and that this might finally mean the Playstation 3 gets cross-game chat as the XBox360 already has. At the moment you can only talk to anyone on your friends list if you're in the same 'space' as them, which is annoying. Imagine you want to fire up Borderlands, but your friend is running a single-player game of Call of Duty; as it stands you can't talk to them. With 3.40 this may no longer be the case.

But what about the features of PSN+ itself, what do you get for the £39.99 a year?

PS3 download speeds - a matter of timing

As you may recall it last took me just over 7 hours to download a 6Gb file on a Sunday morning. Last night I tried to download a 500Mb file. I started it off then thought "While the console's on I might as well play a game". Last time I did this the download continued in the background, this time it didn't.

It seems it depends on the game. If it's multiplayer it seems that it reserves the entire internet connection for itself regardless of whether you are using it or not. With the slow speeds I didn't realise this until some time into a mission and I wasn't going to stop at that point.

So with the download frozen at 4% I stopped the game and let the download continue. Half an hour later and it had reached 53% "Sod this", I thought. "Hmm what would happen if I paused it then switched off the console, would it still be there ready to resume later?"

This morning before 7am I fired up the console and there it was waiting to resume and off it went. I put the controller down and performed my usual morning routine then came back to find it was just finishing. How long did it take to pick-up the remaining 47%? Well put it like this the controller turns itself off automatically after 5 minutes and it was still on. Yep I'd resumed the download just before 7am and it finished just before 7am that means  it was operating at pretty much the maximum speed of the line.

If I'd had that speed when downloading the movie I could have almost watched it 'live'.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The problems with time travel

As I mentioned when discussing how to deal with precognition in RPGs my mind was filled with time-travel tropes here's the result.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Death rate of new-born babies study

From Angry Mob it's our old friend the Daily Mail scaring people with their headlines again. In this case the news of a study that shows Babies born at night in hospital 'have higher risk of dying' which is what the study shows. Of course you have to read the article to discover that this study took place in the Netherlands, and that the absolute risk of death is between 0.05% and 0.09%. The risk increase is given as between 32% and 47%.

So what does that mean? Time for the mathematics, don't worry it's really simple.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hooty's Direct

While around that area of Kidderminster I managed to pop into the new Hooty's Direct that opened up on the old Littlewoods' site. What's it like? Well put it like this if this store and the B&M at the old Waitrose site decided to swap places I doubt anyone would notice.

Not that I'm disrespecting it. It fills a niche and having another one opens up competition in those odds and ends type products that Woolworths used to do.

[Update - someone's mentioned they have an upstairs too, which Littlewood's had and I vaguely recall seeing in the paper. However I didn't see the access so I'll look next time.]

[Update 21/6 - Yes it does, not exactly obvious. The stairs are in the far left corner and the escalator on the right can only be seen if you walk away from the tills. Not much up there, linen, candles and lots of frames some even containing pictures!]

I left empty-handed this time, but it had enough of an odd range to suggest 'throwaway' toys for Chewie or Devil Child and I even contemplated Star Wars Risk for Bratus Major. I did give an involuntary shudder at the thought of buying one of the plastic guns for either of the Bratii such was the degree of the lesson imparted by the last time either were gifted one.

Anyway I'll be seeing them next week, just got to think of something to occupy them while I'm there. Can't take the board games due to a) space and b) losing all the pieces; and there's nowhere to walk to unlike around here. I suppose if the weather's fine I can get them to take me down to the river and the cattle site where the new Tesco is awaiting permission to be built. That's the trouble with a Sunday, barely anything open. Oo oo I haven't visited the town museum; hell yeah that'll kill an hour.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Postal weights and excess charges

I'll assume that those who frequently use the postal service have got used to the new charging system based both on weight and size so I'll skip the explanations and get to the meat.

If you post something without the correct charge the post office charge the difference between the stamped value and the second-class value then add £1 to it for the hassle of keeping it at the sorting office and having to fill out one of those cards.

Okay so far so fine until someone got a card through. The charge was £1.15 so using the printed sheet I keep up it's easy to spot this is a large letter with a 66p first class stamp that's over 100g in weight which bumps it to an 81p second class. Okay an easy mistake to make, one would think.

I get a hold of the unopened letter and weigh it at 127g, okay that's not a easy mistake to make. 105g or such I could understand, but 27g over is a bit much. So how did the sender come to put only 100g or less payment on this letter? They took it their post office and had it assessed there.

So either the letter gained 27g in the post or someone's scales aren't right. Hmm I wonder how much profit there is in that £1 charge?

Parking restrictions

Yes I keep going on about this, but as two recent stories in the Shuttle show I need to.

The first is about an irate biker fined for parking in Bewdley on Severnside North (judging by the photo at least). From the paper his arguments appear to be as follows:

a) Although there were double yellow lines there were no restriction signs
b) he was parked on the pavement not the road
c) everyone else does it

To which my answers are:
a) Signs aren't required for double yellow lines and haven't been for some time,
b) the restrictions apply for the full width from the middle of the carriageway until it hits private property,
c) what are you five?

The second is Cllr Clee accusing Cllr Gittins of parking illegally to attend a council meeting in [sigh] Bewdley. The points seem to be:

a) Parked in a disabled bay,
b) parked facing the wrong way,
c) holding up resurfacing works due to being parked there.

Answers being:

a) There was a blue badge holder using the vehicle,
b) there's no such thing as the wrong way unless you're parked on a unlit road at night (in which case you need your lights on) or you park in a one-way street,
c) no cones seem to be evident to prevent parking while resurfacing work is to be done.

So in the first case we have someone stating they've done no wrong, when the clearly have (and provided the evidence to boot); and in the second someone making a partial apology when they've done no wrong.

Come on people these rules aren't exactly difficult or hard to find.

Getting IE7 and IE6 to work

As I said in a comment I find it amusing that my page regard IE7 and inline blocks is my most visited page simply because I added it as a personal reminder. I think it goes to show how much this element is being used compared to a:hover blocks and IE6 which is a little more esoteric. The comments added are certainly ego boosting anyway :-)

So why am I creating another entry, well I'm hoping this will be the launch page for people searching about inline-blocks and Internet Explorer 7 (hence the repetition) and that they might stop to read some of the other tips scattered around my blog and accessible via links on this entry. Operating systems using different dpi is still a problem for instance.

Also to give one big massive tip to use before you even start coding USE A STRICT DOCTYPE, ooo all caps bold massive.

I am serious though, I don't care if you're using inline element styles or frames that aren't supported by the strict doctype starting your page with <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> sets both IE6 and IE7 into a different rendering mode

This means that odd disjointed blocks or borders that have you cursing often resolve themselves without having to specifically nudge them 3px thataway.So do yourself a favour start off strict.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Section 44 Stop and Search wrongly used

So I dealt briefly with the infamous Section 44 of the Terrorism act back in September 2008 then as it seemed more detail was required again in October 2008. Since then I've popped up in other blogs pointing out the actual rules of Section 44 rather than how some police forces seems to be using them.

So why am I rehashing this? Because "Thousands wrongly detained in police terror law blunder" popped up in my news reader. Gosh it turns out sometimes police forces have been wrongly using the Section 44 order, colour me stunned.

Turns out some people were being stopped without permission from a Home Office Minster (which may be perfectly correct under the law) and in other times stopped after the permission had run out (which isn't).

Confused? See the order itself needs to be approved within 48 hours otherwise it's voided automatically, however the order itself doesn't start at the point of approval it starts as the point of submission. So for 48 hours you can use Section 44 without Home Office approval. Of course after 48 hours it becomes illegal, which may be what the Times meant by 'without HO approval'.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Arrested for Swiss Army Knife 2

Back in April the media treated us to another game of 'What is this country coming to' with the tale of someone arrested for possession of a Swiss Army Knife. As I said at the time I doubted we'd got the full picture.

Well the other day someone asked about the outcome of that story so I went a-searching and found this.

So turns out this was a three-inch lockable blade which is illegal*. Did any of the nationals publish an alteration of the story they'd been so quick to broadcast? I haven't seen anything.

[*Update - Illegal in a public place without good cause. It might be argued that a private vehicle isn't public and that he had cause as he used it to cut fruit while on holiday in the caravan. However Private vehicles can be classed as in public and they weren't on holiday at the time]

To finish the installation please restart your computer

As an addendum to the Apple iTune installation that wiped my playlists you also get the stupid instruction listed above. Why is it stupid let me take you back a little through computer history to explain.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iTunes playlists disappear yet again, again.

Yep a new version of iTunes and yep once again it wipes out my library list, my playlist, my purchased content list. Music's not a problem just point it at the right folder, though I wish it would pick up the album covers the first time around. My playlists aren't a problem as I now export them the moment I'm happy with them having gone through this rigmarole... 4 times is it?

I am curious as to why when I chose to import a playlist, head into the Previous iTunes Libraries and am presented with "iTunes Library -[date]" iTunes doesn't recognise it as a valid file. iTunes created the damn thing.

The trouble is I like iTunes, I like the iTunes store. I could use Microsoft's Media player, but it just lacks usability. It's not as if iTunes gets updated every month, but it is annoying.

PS3 video store

So I finally took advantage of the Playstation's Video store area and rented the HD version of "Sherlock Holmes" for a fiver. Just like it's compatriot the Game store you can't discover how large the file you want to download is until you pop it into the shopping basket turned out it was 5886MB. I started the download on a Saturday at around 8am 7 hours later it finally finished.

Yeah a speed of about 1.8Mbits/sec, to have watched it streaming live I'd need an 8Mbit/sec and as my line tops out at 7 that ain't going to happen. As mentioned I'm not sure if this is a problem at the Sony end or if Orange are throttling the line; the speed did seem pretty consistent throughout though.

So the film itself now sat on my hard drive. As I was told before quite clearly this was now available for me to watch within a 14 day window; once I started watching though that closed to a 48 hour window. In the small print, again available before you purchase, which you had to find for yourself there's some exemptions. You can't transfer an HD video from one PS3 to another even if you 'activate' the second PS3. This makes sense as when I watched it I wasn't hooked up to the internet, so if this wasn't set I could, in theory, transfer it, watch it, then watch it again on the different machine outside the 48 hour limit.

Of course that wouldn't be a problem if this 48 hour thing didn't exist, what's the point of it?

Anyway the film itself came with no special features as you might expect and started straight off without the annoying crud you get at the front of DVDs. So it's fine, it means you're not at the whim of the rental shop selling out of the latest release, of being accused of scratching discs or returning it late, but the download is a problem. It's not a spur-of-the-moment thing, with the best bet being to download things the night before.

Mentioning how it works to my parents the response was that it might be nice to load it up with films over the Xmas period to give them something to watch as a respite over the repeats.

Roads slick with water

It seems every time I need to make a longer journey than normal it's raining and in doing so a small observation creeps into view - every new surface is slick with water.

Roads that have been newly laid, areas that have been re-surfaced all of them glisten with surface water. Oh yes the old surfaces have the odd patch which has sunk or was never laid properly in the first place, but on new surfaces this layer of water is consistent.

Perhaps it's an illusion caused by the fact that the old road surfaces appear granular whereas the new surfaces all seem so smooth, yet the comparative amount of spray that seems to be thrown up seems to contradict that.

So what gives? Are new surfaces a different construction or is it just me?

How should we spend your money?

So the big government question is how do you (the public) want us (the government) to spend your money?

Normally the first thing I'd jump on is - why are you asking us? Yes it's all nice and democratic, but we don't have the information available to make an informed decision. I say normally because in a surprising act we now have COINS which is essentially a database of all public sector spending.

So now we know how much is being spent, except we don't. We still have no way of evaluating the data. To bring into a more workable context 'Is an iPad worth £500?' the answer is 'It depends'. So is £Xbn spent on department Y value for money, it depends.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Windows Vista Indexing is rubbish

Below is an image of the contents of one folder:

Note the two files "Postcard" that is the actual file and a backup. Now imagine there were a lot more files and that for the file you're looking for you only know that the filename contains the word "Postcard" so you use the search box at the top

Yeah see how only the Backup appears, that's because wonderful Windows Vista hasn't indexed the file you're actually looking for and in its opinion it doesn't exist. As proof look what happens when you delve into the menu and look at everything using that little tick box.

Hey look it's there. Now where does this get strange and by strange I mean monumentally stupid? Well that quick find option off the Start Menu supposedly uses the same indexing system and look

What gives? Well that's easy, the Quick Search isn't using Windows Indexing it's using the Google Indexing which actually works. The best part is that even though you know that the Windows Indexer isn't complete there's no way to add a file, or kick it into life without rebuilding the entire index hurrah!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Parroting the Israeli line

With regards to the fubar situation with the activist ship heading to Gaza do the media realise they seem to be reporting these events using phraseology most probably dropped by the Israeli PR?

Apparently charges against the activists are "being dropped" how interesting as they had no right to charge them in the first place. The Independent uses "abandoned" which is much better.

Most of the activists have been "deported". No they've been removed or released. Deporting someone brings up connotations that they entered the country of their own free will and they didn't, they were kidnapped (unless it had been the USA doing it in which case they would have been classed as being subjected to extraordinary rendition)

Why are they doing this? Well as I said because I'm betting that's what the press releases from Israel call it. They send out the reports that they're dropping the charges and deporting them and the media just copy and paste it into their own reports. Even if they're typing it up themselves from scratch the words are just there in the front of their minds ready for use.

And so the lawful phrases permeate the media and begin to soften the events.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Israeli madness

So Israeli forces approached a vessel in international waters and ordered it to stop; the ship quite legally ignored them. Said forces then attempted to board the vessel and the occupants fought back against this act of piracy. As there were no firearms aboard the occupants fought back using clubs, pipes and knives. The forces retaliated with gunfire.

Having then subdued the occupants the Israeli forces then stole the vessel and kidnapped the occupants.

It has to stop. The Israeli state can't hide behind the 'we're being persecuted' they can't hide behind 'we're surrounded by enemies'. This isn't some one-off blunder, this is a systemic attitude that Israel can do whatever it wants in the name of defending their country. If this were Iran or North Korea this debate wouldn't even be happening, they'd be condemned outright and excuses wouldn't be listened to.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dante's Inferno PS3 full review

Yes I played the demo and yes I thought it a little derivative, but that's at full price and not as an el-cheapo special.

Our Changing Kingdom; Time For REAL Change from the Shuttle

The Shuttle has closed off comments on this entry so I'll open this entry for any who wish to continue, particularly as Jon D suggested he might come back after some rumination.

Anyway the last comment was from Rob pointing to a Guardian investigation of the EDL I'll highlight a couple of points from the video.

An early opening bar and a bunch of men, all it takes is one to start shouting out slogans and everyone joins in. Displays tendencies, but hardly incriminating.

Provocation. Yeah shouting "Nazis, Go to Hell, Get off our streets" is in no way provocative.

The editor of Searchlight the anti-fascist magazine states outright that right-wing groups are "latching on" to the EDL to use as a political platform. As I've stated before this doesn't make the EDL racist, but that it might just be being used by racists.

Threatening telephone messages? Do we get to listen to the EDL's messages as well. Yeah I'm sure there are no members of the UAF calling them up to telling them to stay out of areas if they know what's good for them.

73 arrests at one 'protest' 54 of them being the anti-fascists protesting against the protest. Well that sends a good message.

Journalists getting punched, yeah because that never normally happens.

Gosh an organisation against 'Islamification' heading out to predominantly Muslim areas, I'm so surprised - next you'll be suggesting political activists head to Westminster.

On a final note as I've said elsewhere why is this such a growing organisation, why are people joining the EDL rather than mainstream political groups? Rob might answer that it's because they're racist and the mainstream parties aren't, but that's a broad sweep to pull every member into. Even one of the talking heads (Matther Goodwin) posits "does it show that there are sections of this population that are concerned about Islam beyond the core constituency of the far-right? Yeah"

Mephedrone aftermath

So as I said no evidence of Methedrone contributing to death had been produced. But now that's changed. The results for the two deaths that started the entire "Ban it" bandwagon shows that neither took Mephedrone. So is being made legal again? I doubt it we've already got a death listed as "mephedrone intoxication" and another from a man who had the "second highest concentration" in his system, but even for that one case we get

inquest at Brighton was told it was "unlikely" that it alone killed him.
Ignore the evidence and keep it banned, it's eeevil!