Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biggest shopping day of the year?

Supposedly this is the rush day for shopping, at the same time it's supposedly the busiest day for the roads as everyone tries to get away. I'm trying to put those together and coming up with an "Eh?".

Anyway everyone will be out stocking up on enough food to feed an army due to the fact that the shops will be closed for a whole two days aaaaah panic panic ;-)

One small advantage for me this year is that it's my aunt's turn to host so for Christmas day at least I've nothing to do except entertain Devil Child. Boxing Day on the other hand the tribe is turning up for. I'm going to have to see if a board I've got is sturdy enough to sit on a small table so we can play Munchkin Quest again without having to strip a room down or commender the table and disturb everyone else. Should be better since the first playthrough.

Hmm why do I end up baby-sitting; I guess I just get on with kids as I said last time it was DC who allowed me to show her how the slinky worked on the stairs when she was adamant no-one else was going to have it and pulls me in to play with her latest gizmo, not her parents, not her grandparents not my parents, not any adult friends around - just me. It's always me who gets dragged off by Minor to see his latest whatevers and it's me whom Major tries to impress. Even in a group of 'strangers' (actually even with actual strangers) it's me kids I don't even know seem to gravitate to. Pfft everyone suggests I become a primary school teacher.

Anyway Major no doubt will be discontent being pulled away from his XBox and whatever games he's getting as, to a certain extent, will I and my PS3; Rashin, frashin family get-togethers :-P

The one thing I will have to try and do today or tomorrow is find something for my parents; yes we're not doing the present thing but I try and find something like a diary or box o'chocs. Then again from the full page Shuttle ad for the Sony Centre advertising their £599 TV buy from Sainsbury's at £750 down from £1,050 I told them I had at least £150 worth of 'presents' in credit so not to expect anything.


Orphi said...

Ah yes, we've got family coming, so we need to buy extra food.

Um, we have three, count them, three extra adults staying for a grand total of five days. And yet, you're buying enough food to feed 20 adults for 28 days…?

It was some comedian who said it so well: The kitchen is stacked with cakes, nuts, biscuits, chocolates and fruits. But every time you ask if you can have some, it's “no, those are for Christmas, leave them alone!” And then Christmas arrives. You're handed a plate piled high with turkey, stuffing, sausage meat, roast ham, carrots, parsnips, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravey and mash. Valiantly you do battle, but it isn't too long before nobody at the table can fit another morsel into their mouths. You struggle from your chairs, go sit in front of the TV with what's left of your glass of wine, and watch Oliver. [Again.]

And just at this moment, the women walks in and goes “would anybody like some Quality Street?” [facepalm!]

Who says Western countries are over-fed? ;-)

Oh, and don't worry about kids. Whenever we're out in public, my grandmother always gets little old ladies come up to her and ask her things. Which way is it? Does this scarf suit me? Which shop sells these? Do you know what time it is? They don't ask me or my mum or my grandad or my sister, just her. We have no idea why!

FlipC said...

We must just exude approachability :-)

Orphi said...

Perhaps I exude antiapproachability? Maybe that's why everybody I meet automatically dislikes me?

Jon D said...

I found a great link to an Anti Daily Mail site on here some time ago, now I can't find it. Could you remind me what it was please? Also did you see the headline in the Mail yesterday? It said something like "A nation that reveres junkies like Kate Moss has no right to lecture those that execute drug traffickers". Can you detect any logic or consistency in this?

FlipC said...

might have been 5cc on the right or tabloidwatch

FlipC said...

Sorry if that seemed short, the PS3 is a wonderful machine but I can't be arsed to hook a keyboard up to it.

I'm betting it was Tabloid Watch though which I found via Five Chinese Crackers.