Monday, June 30, 2014

Chancel Repair Liability Insurance

I'm hearing stories of those buying new houses or moving house being contacted by their solicitors or mortgage brokers with regard to the taking out of chancel repair lability insurance.

I'm guessing this has been prompted by stories of landowners suddenly being presented with invoices from their local church as their property, being within the diocese, are liable for its upkeep.

As such it seems that such insurance is being made a compulsory part of the mortgage agreement or that solicitors are badgering homeowners into taking it out.

All well and good if your particular church has such a provision in place, not so good if they don't. Not that such niceties seem to be concerning those pushing this insurance.

(Oh wait it seems the premiums for this insurance is quite low until it's confirmed that the property may actually be liable at which point they increase)

Indeed one homeowner pointed out to an insistent firm of solicitors that their local church had no such provision in place with written documentation to back up their claim yet this same firm continued with their selling tactics to the point they handed over money just to shut them up.

Given the PPI mis-selling scandal does this have the makings of another?

Friday, March 07, 2014

Tesco and the Squirrel Inn at Stourport

Once again Tesco puts the moves on Stourport this time over the river and in Areley Kings, this time with a bid to turn the old Squirrel Inn into a Tesco Express.To some this may seem a little odd given the hold-up with the new store that, rumour has it, will finally be built and ready by September this year. However this isn't odd in the slightest given the proximity of a Londis, a newsagents, and a pharmacy.