Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road surfacing and pothole filling

Oddly enough both the planned works for High Street on the 11th and the Stour Bridge on the 14th never came to pass. However sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday noon someone did tip some tar into the larger holes that had formed on the bridge and given it a whack with a shovel. Seeing as I avoid the moon surface that is Wilden Lane can anyone say if they've done the same down there?


Don B said...

WCC was very quick to do the same in Shrawley - ie shovel a bit tar in the larger holes and whack with a shovel. We had a lot of flooding yesterday so they obviously now need to go round and clear all the blocked drains.

FlipC said...

I'm glad they've done something, and I wouldn't expect a full-on job seeing as they're supposedly got that scheduled, but have they done the same for Wilden even as a bodge?

Steve Severn said...

My missus informs me Wilden Lane has been done. Wasn't it terrible! Especially that big bit between Kiddy and Wilden, but I had to laugh, a day or two after it had nearly taken my suspension off, somebody had put some cones in road to cut it off. A police slow sign before that coming from Wilden way, but no warning at all if you were traveling from Kiddy. Not exactly reflective cones either, you wouldn't see them untill you ran them over, if you had cars coming towards you with dodgy lights.