Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wireless failure?

Interesting start to the morning the laptop failed to connect to the wireless router. It could see it, but asked for the key. So how did it lose that? Even attempting to use the Vaio's own built in profile settings couldn't connect. So I manually added it again, and no problem. Then switched to the relevant profile and again no problem. Go figure.


Steve Severn said...

Where do they lose it?!! I've asked myself the same question many times. "Daddy, it won't connect. Keeps asking for a key." If I had a pound for every time I have heard that in my house!

Steve Severn said...

By the way, what do you think of the Vaio? When my two eldest got into games, (The Sims started all this off) I soon found that a graphics card was a must for a laptop to play half the games. I invested in an Acer, as seemed good value, but soon realised that you get what you pay for. The build quality was crap, but by then I had bought one for my son. He didn't abuse his, unlike my daughter, but something went very wrong with his. I suspect the graphics card went pop. My daughters had fell to bits by then. Neither of them over a year and a half old. Conveniently out of warranty. Acer wanted a fortune just to look at my sons. Mend My Computer in Kiddy did try to repair my daughters, but it didn't last long. They ask about £80 to just look at something too. I would never buy Acer again. I have now got my daughter a nice Samsung and after a year, it still looks new and working well. I got my son a Vaio, but after 6 months, my youngest monster decided to borrow it and managed to pour orange juice over keyboard! £1000 laptop and she decides she thirsty!! I contacted Sony and explained problem, although it was still in warranty, I new it wouldn't be covered. They were brilliant. Helpful, friendly, proffesional. They sent a courier for it and checked it all out for £56. Then said it needed a new mother board and keyboard. They quoted £260 for parts and labour, which I thought was good. If it had been Acer, I might as well have just thrown it away. They kept me in touch at all times and had it back within a week. Amazing customer service. I have just bought another cheaper Vaio for my youngest for Christmas, with a note attached that if she values her life, I better not see any liquid within 10 feet of it or it won't be pink, but red with her blood! Did manage to get repair cost back from home insurence, so not too bad. One more thing. When looking at repair of Acers, I did ask PC World. They wanted around £175 just to look at it! Which I find strange. I would have thought they would have wanted the business, but obviously not that bothered, as surely anybody would rather buy a new one, than spend £175 plus parts and labour to repair something. Or maybe thats why they do it!

FlipC said...

I think the key ends up the same place as my iTunes itl file :-)

I'll deal with the Acer first - the boss picked up one for his son and yesterday I had to troubleshoot the LAN connections. It had disabled both the wired and wireless hardware and a bunch of WLAN Miniport items.

Got the two bits of main hardware working but not the slew of Miniport things. Didn't matter as it still worked.

Anyway the hard drives gone clunk on it twice and it does just have multiple problems. So not something I'd recommend.

As for the Vaio. I'm not keen on its built-in media stuff and the profiles it uses is a bit pointless. I've also noticed the power lead input 'twizzle' is getting loose and a closer examination shows this not to be as well fastened as something that enjoys regular use should be.

As a system it's fine, runs nice and cool and only heats up to any sort of degree when severely taxed (I note Minecraft fires it up). I've had no cause to complain to Sony, but when dealing with them in other aspects I've no complaints.

So yeah that I'd recommend

Steve Severn said...

It was the power socket on the first Acer that started my hatred of them. Apparently they are not the best. Too delicate. I have noticed that on the Vaio's. Doesn't feel like a solid fit, does it? One thing I did like with the Acer, that Samsung and Sony don't have though, the power jack plug was designed as 90 degrees, if you understand this. So you plug in back and as soon as plug comes out of back of laptop, it turns 90 degrees, so cable then runs naturaly along back of laptop. Sony and Samsung stick straight out of back, making them very suseptable to damage. Sorry, not a good explanation. But as I have been told before, laptops are not meant for the lap!!! Blocks some cooling etc. My son uses his on desk(might as well have had desktop!) and I have purchased a cooling board type thingy for my daughter. One other thing, on my old iqon, that is still going strong after 4 years(Shame they went bust.) USB sockets are on back, so hidden away for mouse connection. Samsung and Vaio both have USB sockets on right hand side of laptop, so mouse connection right next to where you are wiggling mouse about?! Or am I being old fashioned, maybe alot of people use mouse pad on laptop or wireless mouse these days. Got any feelings on wireless mice? Kids been asking about them for a while, but can get cheap optic for six or seven quid, so stuck in my ways i'm afraid.

FlipC said...

Compared to the power button on the other side it's very flimsy. I'm not to fussed about where the cable goes it normally just runs down the back of the desk, but yeah I see your point if you're using it 'wired' on your lap.

The only problem I've had with the Vaio in terms of blocking the cooling is if I use it on a soft uneven surface, like on a bed. It sits in a depression and blocks the side ports.

Might as well have had a desktop... I like the option that it can be moved. I've had to 'detach' it several times from its normal desk-bound position to take it to another office something that wouldn't have been possible (or at least easy) with a tower.

I agree there seems to be a preference for sticking all the sockets on the side and it can get in the way. Heh just adds a new market for those nano-USB dongles.

Then again I do have a pure Bluetooth mouse that requires no such attachments and boy are those hard to find. It's this one as you can see "Currently unavailable" it can be a bit sluggish and the internal circuitry isn't the best but I got it a knock-down deal from PC World for about a tenner and the rechargeable batteries have lasted as long as I've had it so no complaints.