Monday, November 22, 2010

Spending money

Damn Merry Hill, makes me spend money :-) Though not as much as usual thankfully. I got there around half ten and it was already fairly busy I ended up at the top of the multi-storey; this time thought the elevators were working.

Nothing new, picked up some box sets from HMV a couple of new books from Games Workshop, and managed to leave Waterstones empty handed which is amazing. One small annoyance was that nether Game nor Gamestation had the Prince of Persia trilogy out despite it being released last Friday. Oh well I've too many games to go through anyway.

To add to my list of food stuffs I can't find - Colmans American Mild mustard. None in Sainsbury's, Morrisons or Asda. Tcch.

Anyway I related my purchased to my parents. The Prisoner box set
"Which one?" asked my mother
I pull a stupid face
"The original" she replies for herself.
"And the Sherlock Holmes collection" I add
"Which one"
stupid face
"Okay Jeremy Brett" she replies again.
"Of course I mean come on" I state with a broad grin

Well that's my lonely evenings sorted boo-hoo :-P