Monday, November 01, 2010

PS3 Move

As mentioned my new PS3 came with "Move" bundled with it. I could have picked "Sports Champions" or a different Move enhanced game, but felt that might be a waste until I knew how well it worked.

The instructions are simple, put the camera in the middle of the TV either top or bottom. As the long USB cord comes out of the rear this means you can't fit it to the top of a Sony LCD screen as the its weight pulls it back and down so it has to sit at its base.

It uses one of the USB slots and the new slim PS3 only comes with two - Sony you really needed a couple extra on the back for this sort of thing. I'm use the other to charge the Move controller.

Power up and I check what it sees and boy is it grainy - a lot of noise. I pop in the Demo disc and install "Sports Champions". Oh great it's Disc Golf and Table Tennis and not Archery. Instructions pop up and I realise I haven't added the wrist-strap to the controller probably because it didn't fall out of the box when I pulled everything out. A rummage and I add the strap.

Back to instructions and I'm told to stand in the box displayed on screen. To do this means I have to stand 6 feet away... I haven't got that space. I manage somehow. Press the [funny symbol] key um oh wait that one. Lift the controller to my shoulder; hold it to my side; and to my belt-buckle. All done.

It's responsive; it tilts it turns and it works well. I close the game and discover I can navigate the XMB with the controller too.but it's tricky. However with the lack of space I decide to pass it on to my parents and see how they like it.

Same deal camera in the middle of the base and same calibration for Sports Champions.Space makes a difference you need the distance between you and the camera, but you also need 'flailing' room too.

Installed "EyePetz Move" that lacked precision and means tilting the camera to the floor every time you want to use it. Also means you need the space in-front of the TV to move in.

Installed "Tiger Woods Golf Move" now this was crap. No really you can't even navigate the in-game menus with the Move controller until you use the in-game menus to tell it you have one.

Up popped Tiger and I was told to point the controller at the camera to calibrate. Done. Now hold the controller downwards and press the button marked with the arrow. Which one is that? It shows the controller face forward to hold down and then turns it to the side to show the buttons. They're all NAMED - tell me which button to press by NAME! I figure out it's the [funny symbol] it them shows me a compass type thing and press the T-button (see you know the names) I do so and a dot appears in the middle of the compass thing. I let go and I'm back to hold straight down and press [funny symbol]. I do so and again up pops the compass thing. I discover by reaching up above my head it moves the compass up along the green; stretching to either side moves it that way. Ah this is where I want my shot to land - great now how do I take a shot?

Don't ask me how but somehow I manage to make a swing - not bad. I end up on the green with a putter. I draw my hand back and my putter is sticking out as if I'm playing baseball. I turn it off in disgust.

So this is supposed to be a demo that encourages me to play the game - the instructions were nigh on non-existent and the calibration didn't seem to work. Boy am I glad I didn't pick up the more expensive bundle with a full Move game.