Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A shot of a man reading a newspaper, a sparkly star on the end of a wand appears and we hear a girl say "Bling!". Said girl then 'blings' a cake, a dog, some kids, her mother, and passes multiple blings to a boy on a slide. Just as she's about to bling the guinea pig/hamster she spies the Dora Fantasy Explorer set next to her mother and rushes over to play with it.

What the hell? How did the first part of this advert connect with the second part? What sort of message is this advert portraying? Hey kids how can you have fun with that wand from the Poundshop exploring the real world and playing with your friends? You need a Dora fantasy Explorer playset available from £14.99 - £39.99 so you can sit in a corner of your room while your mum watches you play.

It's as bad as the Smythes advert where the mother takes the two kids to this grotty shop where the girl turns her nose up at a "My favourite pony" toy. Oh don't worry kids your mum was only joking she's taking you out of this local independent toy shop and taking you to a national warehouse-sized chain store instead - yay!