Monday, November 29, 2010

Toy Story 3 review

Out cheap on Blu-ray I picked it up and managed to watch it over the weekend. Is it as good as the previous two - yes. It is better - no.

The story itself is almost a rehash of the second dealing with the growing up of the toys' owner and the ultimate fate of any toy - landfill, donated or atticed and as per usual I won't go into too many details for spoilers sake.

Essentially Andy is going to college, but what to do with his old toys that are languishing in his toy chest? Needless to say after some confusion the toys are sent to be discarded, escape their fate and choose to be donated to a children's play centre where they will be played with every day, every week, every year with no worry over being discarded as the children grow older.

Of course things aren't always as they seem.

All in all this is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy that has built up on previous themes; perhaps it's just me though but it wasn't quite as tear-provoking as the second. Jesse's Lament always tears me up.

Star of the show, as many have mentioned, is Ken as voiced by Michael Keaton.While both Lotso and Big Baby have been invested with decent characterisation it's Ken that steals every scene and provides so much of the humour.

Stand out scene in both terms of impact and sheer graphical joy - Death by Monkeys! Just perfectly realised however graphically this doesn't put a pixel wrong anywhere

What can I say? As a trilogy this is nigh-on flawless, but it's the fact that each film also stands alone that elevates this to immortal heights. Buy it for your kids and they'll be showing it to theirs.


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