Monday, November 08, 2010


Yes I had the Bratii again. The first thing out of Minor's mouth before he even managed to remove his shoes was "Can we play Munchkin Quest? Can we play Munchkin Quest?" repeat four times.

"You do realise that every time you hassle me about this it just makes me not want to play it?" I told him. Anyway we settled down had a chat and then "Can we play Munchkin Quest? Can we play Munchkin Quest?" yeesh!

Major chimed in "You do realise [me] has brought it down ready to play?" he'd spotted it in the corner and I repeated my previous statement with a disappointed "Ohh!" as my answer.

I then presented them with two films, "Monsters Vs Aliens" and "Planet 51". "Have you, do you, want to watch either of these?" I showed them to Major.
"Seen it, not bothered" he replied.
I held them up to Minor
"What?" he spat
"Fine" I replied and put them away.

"Okay I want to play test this I'd picked up for [Devil Child] 3D snakes and ladders"

So I set it up and we played that. Despite it being obviously too young we all enjoyed it, the snakes and ladders were chutes or totters that the player token balls would roll 'up' or 'down'. We finished and Minor declared "Now we can play Munckin Quest" and promptly grabbed the box, opened it, and started to get everything out. "Hold on we haven't put this away yet"

Disappointed "Ooh" and he put everything back in, replaced the lid and put it back on the pile, which wasn't what I had in mind. Meanwhile Major had picked up "Ticket to Ride (Europe)" and was examining the back.

"Do you want to play Munchkin Quest?"I asked him
"I'd prefer to play this"
"No Munchkin Quest!
I had no preference so "Let's roll for it"
"Okay evens Munchkin Quest odds Ticket to Ride" suggested Major
"Is that okay?" I asked Minor
"Odds for Munchkin Quest, Evens for Ticket to Ride" he replied
I glanced at Major, he shrugged. I rolled "Four" Minor started to almost cry.
"Don't sulk" I said. "That doesn't work on me and you agreed to the roll"
"Yeah if it had gone your way I wouldn't have sulked" said Major
Minor grumpily sat down as we set up the board.
"While you're doing that I could make some popcorn" I looked at Major
"Meh" he replied
"mumble" mumbled Minor
"Okay I won't bother"
Ten minutes in.

"So are you making popcorn?" asks Minor
"No" I replied. "Because I asked and [Major] said he didn't want any and you were in a sulk and didn't bother to reply"

 Anyway a game of that and they both lost to me as they did before, but by not so large a margin and they were both close to each other; so progress. As we didn't have much time left I decided we could watch the episodic "Batman: Gotham Knight" animation and that we'd have the popcorn to go with it.

What capacity microwaves do the makers of this stuff think people have, the bag kept catching on the door as it tried to rotate. Anyway a ton of popcorn later we sat down with some in a big bowl. Minor kept getting up to get some and leaving a trail.

"I'll go get you a smaller bowl" I said.

I came back to find an even messier trail
"When you said you were going to get a smaller bowl he stuffed as much as he could into his mouth" tattled Major.
"Mmmf" replied Minor indignantly

An episode and a half in and...

"Oo I'm so full" said Minor rubbing his stomach
"Well don't eat any more then" I replied

Five minutes later
"Oo I'm so full" said Minor rubbing his stomach
"We know" we both replied

Five minutes later
"Oo I'm so full" said Minor rubbing his stomach
"Shut up!" we both told him.

The middle of the third episode and the phone rings. Just a heads-up they're fifteen to twenty minutes away. I relay this to the Bratii

"Will we get to finish this?" asked Major
I thought about it. "This episode most likely"
He nodded and went back to watching it.

Five minutes later
"So can we play Munchkin Quest after this?"
I looked over at Major and we both rolled our eyes.