Friday, November 12, 2010

More Fallout New Vegas quirks

Having finished seeing off the Powder Gangers at Goodsprings and earning the respect of the townsfolk and the enmity of the Gangers I headed off to Pimm. Seems convicts from the nearby NCR Correctional Facility had taken over; so I cleaned that all up too. Pimm needed a Sheriff or at least some law and order and three options presented themselves - Reprogramme the Robot; acquire some reinforcements for the local NCR; or find a Sheriff who'd been sent to the NCR prison.

As I'd heard the prison had been taken over by the Powder Gangers and I was already on the outs with them it seemed like the most fun; so off I went.

Hell that was tough I took out everyone in the place and at that point the odd thing happened. Just after I killed the head prisoner, Eddie, up popped "I Fought the Law Failed" yep by killing Eddie I'd failed this quest. What quest?

Turns out if I'd been more approachable Eddie would have hired me to scout out the NCR forces. By killing him he obviously couldn't. So I failed the quest by killing the person who would have given it to me before he could give it to me. What sort of bizarre logic is that?