Monday, November 15, 2010

Entertaining the Tribe

Due to a celebration in the family the almost the entire tribe visited, so not counting the adults that was a one-year old, a five-year old, an eight-year old, and a thirteen-year old.

Although the plan was that The Artist and family wouldn't stay long, he decided that he wanted to check out the demo of something on my PS3; as that meant a half-hour download he stuck around so I took the elder three kids out into the wood and towards the playground.

Fuss and nonsense at the start made me forget to ask something and off we went. Devil Child wants to hold my hand which is fine, but the paths are too narrow which meant me walking in the long, wet grass - lovely. Bratus Major and Minor did their usual 'fighting' which I had to calm down a couple of times. DC was by turns both entertained and shocked by their antics; I don't think she's used to that level of boisterousness.

We made it to the playground a delightful metal affair which meant everything was icy to the touch. They had some fun until DC whispered to me that she wanted to go to the toilet. Damn I knew there was something; as I've mentioned before there are NO toilet facilities in this entire region. This meant making our way back, which isn't far and to be honest it was a bit chilly.

Back we went and DC sorted out she wanted to play Connect 4 with her grandfather on the table; however as Minor had been so good at keeping his mouth shut I brought down Munchkin Quest too. That meant we needed the table and we banished the other two out into the conservatory.

Now some may recall that every single time Minor has been around he's asked to play this. "How do we play this?" he asks as I set it up. Sigh! Anyway we played with a cut-down set of rules. Both The Artist and his father hovered a couple of times and declared it too complicated for them. The one went back to the PS3 demo, the other to DC and Connect 4 followed by the 3D snakes and ladders in which they were joined by my father.

The Bratii and I had fun, but didn't get to finish as they had to leave along with everyone else.

I later learned that not as much fun was not had over Snakes and Ladders as the Brattii and I had last time as it seems DC is quite happy to play any game so long as it's by her rules. I've mentioned that before too, but it was rammed home when she initially set up the Conect 4 board placed a yellow counter and then declared "Now it's your turn!" before placing the red counter.

I'd have thought with attending school this would be something she'd have grown out of by now, unless it's just something she does with family knowing she'll be indulged by everyone (except me of course).