Thursday, November 18, 2010

Predators review

Let me blunt - every single director could learn from Robert Rodriguez. The man can take a bunch of B-C (and lower) actors and produce a film that not comes out on or below budget, but makes a continuous turnover at the Box Office, not just at the opening weekend before word-of mouth and reviews get around because it truly is worth watching. That's talent! Predators is no exception.

Nominally a sequel, but you don't need to know anything about the previous movies to enjoy it. We quite literally jump into the action as we follow an unconscious guy freefalling out of the sky and into a jungle. The action doesn't let up, tension is kept high and despite the fact we know about the Predators they don't make any real overt appearance until the middle of the film.

I'd really like to go into details of the plot, but that would really spoil things so just the basics - there's more than one person who's been dumped here and they're not alone. What does set this film apart from the current helping is the lack of computer special effects - they exist but they're not there to grab your attention with how well they're done they are there just to keep the story moving and that's it.

I'm trying to think of any part where it drags and am drawing a blank, everything is used to push the story and more importantly the characterisation a item that can often be missed in such 'action' movies. Rodriguez also isn't afraid of the odd sly reference to the first film, the musical score particularly stands out in this regard; it is the Predator track and crops up at just the right points to emphasise the film.

Ignore Predator 2 this is the true sequel to Predator. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Absolutely spot on, enjoyable flick