Monday, November 01, 2010

Strictly Come Dancing

For reasons that may or may not have something to do with "Move" I ended up watching Week 5 of "Strictly Come Dancing" with my parents. This is not something I normally watch, but for various reasons I did catch week 4's episode and found I did enjoy listening to the music. This time I watched the dancing too.

Some was good some was bad, I have no idea what the judges were watching with Patsy's performance, but it certainly wasn't the same as us. Compared to what went on before it was amateurish. Speaking of amateurish poor Brucie, is he still writing those jokes? If it's someone else fire them.

Of the 'celebrities' I'd heard of maybe three of them and at times I was asking my father which one was the professional. The star of course was Anne Widdecome, unsurprisingly near the end because as I said at the time "That's who everyone's waiting to see and once they have they'll turn over".

The 'fun' part was predicting the judges scores; very easy to do once the first was presented due to the facial reactions of those who followed.

Meh the music was enjoyable to listen to* and someone did a good job choosing the background music with the training sequences; I'm certainly not going to bother again.

*though it would have been better without the audience whooping every time one of the dancers managed to lift a leg.

[One annoying thing is the BBC's official site for the programme only lists the music for the current episode I ended up at Digital Spy to discover a couple of the tracks I couldn't name. In this instance Supermassive Black Hole by Muse so thank you Fudd for doing what the BBC can't or won't]