Monday, November 15, 2010

Two potential traffic mishaps

An hour ago I watched a young women turn right at the Bridge Street island, a perfectly logical thing to do at an island except for the bit about it being one-way in the opposite direction.

And just this moment I witnessed someone turn right at the bottom of Vale Road. Not pulling out into Vale Road and heading the wrong way. Instead turning from High Street into the left hand lane for Vale Road and then turning right at the third lane to cross the top of Mitton Street to get to Lion Hill.

All completely logical choices given the poor signage.


Unknown said...

And road markings. 60 quid on paint would significantly reduce traffic on the gyratory.

FlipC said...

Hear, hear. Just this morning sitting in Vale Road with cars rushing past me I thought "Really could do with a painted 30 in the lanes" So many see a multi-lane and think "Oo 70".

In the same vein I've contacted the council several times about the lack of markings on the entry corner of Sandy Lane just past the restaurant. It's a narrow road, with a corner, a staggered junction, and a refilled trench that creates a border two feet out from the edge and there's no lane divider or junction markings to guide vehicles.

Result - nowt.