Monday, November 08, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas mini-review

Having finished The Force Unleashed II before I even realised it I had a quick go with Fallout: New Vegas. It's the same as Fallout 3 with some more polish. It still stutters on loading the next section at times, though loading between doors seems much quicker to me. Shame they haven't updated the AI though.

During the tutorial with Sunny Smiles I beat her to the hill then waited for her to show up and give me a rifle for target practice. The bottles I would be aiming at just appeared out of thin air, I was watching at the time. So shoot, then aim and shoot, then duck and shoot. Then the 'cutscene' jumps in with Sunny addressing you while you're still in the crouched position [sigh].

Then off you can go to kill some critters at the water wells. Sunny and her dog got caught on so many rocks etc. it was hilarious; that was until the game just crashed down after the first shoot out. No it hadn't auto-saved after the quest was complete; so I had to go back through the entire tutorial again.

But this happens a lot - the sticking not the crashing. It seems to be a major problem when there's more than one NPC trying to perform the same action. Two scorpions after me got stuck on each other at a rock outcrop; so did coyotes so did too many to mention.

I also found magazines "Wow that's quick finding magazines that increase your skills" Nope they are one-time only use, but it's a temporary increase only. So there are some changes to the game; but so far it does feel more like an add-on than a full game in its own right.

I'll see how it goes.