Monday, November 22, 2010

A friend's iPhone

A friend's just brought in his iPhone to be set-up at the moment it allows only emergency calls and needs to be plugged into iTunes to register. Great as he's currently without a computer. So I plug it into mine and it's all 'oo do you want to set up your Apple Store account on this?' No I bloody well don't.

It still used my login, but thankfully didn't transfer the password over. POS.

So without a computer he currently has no email; so he can't set up an account. "Tell you want if you want to I'll sign you up for MobileMe that wa all your contacts, calendar will be stored elsewhere and if you lose your iPhone you just need to log back in and it'll all come back down to you"

So I went to sign him up for the 60-day free trial. To use this 60-day free trial you need a credit card ooookay. He's left it behind.

Not bloody easy is it?