Friday, November 19, 2010

Fixing Computers.

It seems one of those mad coincidences. Wednesday I had to fix the wireless connection on the Acer latop belonging to DaBoss' son. Then yesterday a friend dropped by with an Advent laptop. It was getting stuck at updating 3 of 3 then rebooting.

So I booted it up and we sat looking at the BIOS screen "It shouldn't take this long" I said
"It always does he replied"

More conversation revealed his CD drive also didn't work which scuppered one plan of attack, but I thought I'd check the BIOS setup to see if it was trying to boot off a non-existent drive.

Nope the CD was third on the list after the hard drive itself. I checked the CD it was set to Auto and finding None. "Well if it can't find it" I said " I might as well disable it. So I did.

Reboot and the BIOS screen appears and disappears. "And that's fixed that"

Long story short ended up using a System Restore Point easy as pie. Joke is he only brought it to me because his usual fixer is indisposed. Uh-huh so the full-time high-salaried computer fixer couldn't solve the BIOS slowdown - right.

And now this morning over in the fog to DaBoss to get the Acer to talk to the HomeHub. He'd been plugging in the key to no avail, turns out he was using the wrong security protocols. Then dismantling another computer that seemed to be a dust magnet and hauling that back to the office for a look-see.

All fun.