Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vale Road car-park take 3

It seems the complaints regarding turning the currently free Vale Road car-park into a Pay-for has resulted in some additions to the page outlining them.

As a fine example of what can be done when you moan (to whit the inclusion of maps) we now have the original agreements between Stourport Urban Council and Thomas Vale regarding that piece of land. Now it may be true that the land was donated for the building of Vale Road but this document displays that that land did not include the current site of the car-park which was subject to a sale in 1947 between TV and SUC for the sum of £1000.

The only condition that appears to exist is that a "quick fence to a height of not less than five feet " be maintained on the eastern border.

So that just leaves the financial document that states a price change won't occur until a crossing in Vale Road is built, which isn't happening.