Friday, August 27, 2010

Loss of internet

Just doing some work and couldn't access the internet, hmm happens in the past on some sites opening a tab to Google usually wakes it up. No Google. I try pinging, DNS works, just no reply. I check the router status, ADSL link is fine but no PPP. I try to reconnect. Nothing. I power off then on the router, no connection. I plug in a normal phone and the line is fine.

I give it some time to see if it's a sporadic fault and get on with something else. Still not on I call the tech support. She's just in the middle of trying to transfer me to tech when I hear a bum-da-la-bum behind me. It's the incoming mail sound. I bend round and look at the front of the router and ping the light's back up.

Pfft always the way.