Saturday, August 28, 2010

Subway Deluxe

And there I was hoping for a foot-long with a choice selection of the finest  meats and cheeses and I end up at an art exhibit :-)

I managed to get there around the 11am start to find only four artists working in the subway, one working with acrylics on what might be deemed a classical landscape piece, two using spray paints each working on two areas; and then all alone in the other subway entrance one young man gently layering paper on the wall.

A little later a young lady turned up with more spray paints and set up opposite the painter. When they surfaced the two entrances and left blank areas they were assigned to an artist for obvious reasons due to the size requested and it seems that the artists assigned to the other side hadn't arrived. A couple were coming up from Devon so yeah I can forgive them :-) At the same time some had dropped out and the two spray painters had gallantly stepped in to fill the void.

In between the blanks on the surfacing itself were some nice stencils put up by Ian Boyd Walker who informed me it was a 150 year old Japanese wallpaper pattern.

Anyway I've got some beginning shots and works in progress, hopefully I can pop down tomorrow and get some of the finished articles then sort them out.

In the meantime good old Tav (whom I bumped into, or to be more precise he recognised me) has posted some up on the facebook group.