Friday, August 20, 2010

Stourport Bridge accident

Apparently a lorry has had an accident on the Stourport Bridge. Unknown as to injuries etc. On a callous note it's obviously blocked off traffic in both directions on the only bridge. Traffic is being diverted through Bewdley and then down the switchback.

[Update 5:30 - I've just been informed the bridge is now open. so let's see if the traffic has cleared]

Coming from the Kidderminster side that would lead you directly to Bewdley by-pass that you can't use as it doesn't connect to the switchback and thus you have to travel through Bewdley itself. To reach the switchback means travelling down a very narrow one-car at a time stretch of road so imagine having that extra slew of cars coming through in both directions. Oh and because of that it's off limits to the larger vehicles and no they can't go via the alternative route through the Holts because there's a weight limit on the bridge (this is why they come through Stourport).

Another bridge over the Severn, why do we need another bridge over the Severn?


Tav said...

I remember going on a site view to the bridge with Stourport Town Councillors. The Engineer said the small metal barrier on the bridge was to for this very eventuality. He said without the barrier if a truck crashed on the bridge it would easily take out the site and make the bridge only fit for demolition.

FlipC said...

What I heard at the time was that it was to protect all the new fancy ironwork. Your version is much more concerning.

Tav said...

Apologies for the spelling/grammar errors in my first comment.

I checked up on this and found the blog where I blogged about it:

"The parapets and vertical pillars may have been sufficient for 19th century traffic but if a modern day HGV was to strike the side of the bridge it would surely end up in the river leaving structural damage to the bridge. Since the bridge is a listed structure the visual appearance cannot be altered, a cast iron 300mm kerb is to be installed between the footway and the road. The contractor admitted that kids tend to walk and skateboard along them. However they save lives (pedestrians and truck drivers) so I suppose it's a small price to pay."

Source: My first site visit

FlipC said...

It seems to have done the job as I can't see any overt signs of damage anywhere. Then again I'm still not sure of the specifics.