Monday, August 16, 2010

Mind workings - the artistic side

Another insight to just how my brain functions - yay? General browsing at the weekend I ended up at Cracked and this particular article about Zombie Technologies particularly the bit about phone books. Here's the process my brain took -

I wonder if something could be done with them?
Perhaps they could be recycled?
That's boring.
Could they be turned into housing materials?
Hmm could they be turned into something more interesting - some art project?
It'd be boring with just the phone books you'd have to add in the Yellow Pages etc.
Why not other catalogues too?
Why not add flyers?
Why not just flyers?
So why not keep all the flyers you get for a year, basic parameters - you didn't pay for it and it's not got your address on it.
Then encase it in clear plastic.
Hmmm. Boring.
Why not separate each flyer by month, then encase each month and stack them into a cube such that you could pull out and inspect a layer?
I wonder if some months would have a greater content than others?
I wonder if the types of flyer cluster around time periods, do you get more fast-food flyers during Winter?
I wonder if anyone's studied this it might be sociological interesting to know.
It might be interesting to marketing too. Discount on printing fast-food menus at a time when they want them to be printed gets more custom.
But surely someone would have spotted this trend in a company.
But would anyone else know?

So there you go 'artist' to scientific dissection in 30 seconds :-P