Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loyalty cards - keeping it simple

On side note on my trip to Merry Hell was being asked if I had a loyalty card for HMV. Well it's not a store I use that much either physically or virtually, but what the hey.

So it costs £3, but I get 1000 points. I get a point for every penny spent which can be exchanged online.
"So can I use it in store?"
"No, well yes you can put credit on it online and then we can swipe that credit off here"
"No thanks"

Seriously - a physical loyalty card that can only be utilised online?

I checked out the site, you get access to special stuff, but oh look at the T&Cs "Points will expire if unused for a period of 2 years" now is that if the points are unused or the card is unused? I also like the way they keep referring to it as "Your Card" despite "Your Card is issued by and remains the property of HMV UK Limited" yeah. Anyway indeed 1p = 1 point or "1pp" so take whatever is on offer and divide it 100 to discover how much you need to spend to get it. So what's on offer - take a look. Whoo hoo a Glee Music notepad for only 8500 points, so spend £85 and get a notebook free; whoo hoo?

Okay sure if you're spending that much anyway, but how convoluted.

Oo a Hideo Kojima A3 signed print only 350,000pp so spend £3,500 in less than two years and it's yours free.


Orphi said...

£3,500 for a signed print. Oh wow, that's special, right there! :-D

FlipC said...

Only another £1,000 and you could get the 450,000 Gold Plated Xbox 360 but that pales into comparison against the two lifesize Tekken 6 figures a snip at 850,000pp.

Scary, scary stuff.

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