Friday, August 20, 2010

The Government on drugs

The media this morning stated the headline "Addicts to have benefits cut" of course once you get to past that it's not quite so stark. Addicts on benefits who refuse to participate in rehabilitation courses will have their benefits cut. It's difficult to fault after all why should we pay for their illegal drugs? Sadly it has a few faults.

Firstly who is an addict? I mean sure they can get to attend courses for free, but if it fails they'll end up with no money; so they're better off not admitting it.

Secondly the government is removing money from people who are still addicted. Do they think they're suddenly going to 'wake'up' and think "Gosh with no money I can't buy the drugs I need I'd better get straight and find a job"? These people are already doing something illegal and liaising with people who do illegal things why does the government think some moral line will be drawn?

So more liars on the benefit system with those who tell the truth pushed into crime. Not bad for one simple policy.

[Update - good old Daily Mash and their current blip at the bottom "Addicts who lose benefits totally
promise not to steal your telly"]