Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taste of the world?

From the Shuttle we were informed of the second "Wyre Forest World Food Event" that features not only food from around the world but also "the very finest in food from the district" and when did they hold this gastronomical extravaganza? Yesterday between 11am and 3pm.

What could I have looked forward to? "representations from India, Persia, China and Italy" as well as locals such as "Bewdley Brewery, Vaccaro's Fine Italian Deli, Churchfield's Ice Cream and Kinver Sausage Co, plus a host of others".

Walkerno5's verdict as posted in the Shuttle -

Was it the weather, was it holding it when most people couldn't go, or was it the no-show from the brewery and the sausage company, and any indian or chinese food?

For whatever reason, it wasn't very good.
So presumably only ice-cream, Italian deli and Persian cuisine. Apparently the first ever Kidderminster Canal Festival wasn't bad and Tav's mentioned the Arts Festival at the same time. Sadly it ran on Thursday and Friday and for the final day Saturday my car was in for a service and it was just p'ing down so I was loathe to walk about for four hours.


Tav said...

I went to the 'Kidderminster Canal Festival', checked out 'The Waiting Room' (Swan Shopping Centre), had a peep at Dom 'deed' Dunlea's brilliant Johnny the Cobbler motif, and, saw the Town Criers walking around all last Saturday. I would have liked to visit the Wyre Forest World Food Event but obviously I have to work.

My verdict: Yes booking these events together wasn't very clever, and holding events in the week during working hours was also misguided. Although the Kidderminster Arts Festival does concentrate its activities in the weekend (I going to check out Subway Deluxe this weekend _ 28 August). I can't understand why it was the Kidderminster Canal Festival, when Stourport has more 'canal' facilities and space.

FlipC said...

Well the canal does run through Kidderminster too so I can't begrudge them a festival, they need some excuse to attract visitors.

I might see you at the subway then, at least parking in Bromsgrove Street means only a short walk.