Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Soup anyone?

GMTV once again demonstrates it's firm grasp on reality by offering soup to railway travellers at Bristol station. Obviously they can't do this at any London station as they'd be competing with all the concession stands, which places this firmly in the position of 'stunt' to my mind; but hey that's what TV does.

So anyway in theory it's not a bad idea except of course this is GMTV so it has to go wrong. First off the soup itself - a "spicy fruit vegetable"

For the love of Fanglemork you offer tomato, sheesh anyone would think the only reason for this fancy soup was to have a celebrity chef (whom I've not heard of) show us how to make it.

Secondly they were serving it in small cups, okay until you realise that a) they have no lids and b) unless things have changed a lot of stations still don't have any litter bins.

So an unusual soup that has to be drunk there and then so it doesn't go cold or spill and so you can hand the cup back.

Oddly enough they didn't get many takers.