Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Link

The observant will note a new link on the page for Jamie Shaw's Labour Blog. While normally I'd refrain from out and out political links the difference here is a) It's the only political blog for my locality, and b) it generally gets at least one update a week (bias alert I do know Jamie, but I hope the length of time it's taken to link him indicates I'm not doing it for that reason).

There is of course also Fran's Liberal Blog which updates almost as much as me ;-) which I'd recommend to anyone in Kidderminster; and though it does deal with wider Wyre Forest matters and branches out on occasion to national and international events, it rarely touches on mine own selfish interests so it doesn't get perma-linked; besides I can usual rely on the WFA to point out anything of interest ;-)


Tav said...

Thanks for the plug, and also that one in a Shuttle blog.

The 'agenda is a bit quiet at the moment.