Monday, January 05, 2009

Film warnings

Okay "contains violence" fair enough"; contains "moderate violence" hmm okay; contains "moderate fantasy violence" say what. Yes once again the age classification system isn't enough and we're having to be warned about every little thing that might offend us. So they've been doing this for a while why the post now - well it's the final straw isn't it for the latest Will Smith film Seven Pounds that according to the advert "Contains intense emotional scenes"; damn thanks for the warning there.

Next up 'contains acting'; please note not necessarily good acting.


Don B said...

I agree with you. We seem to be going OTT in case someone is offended by something you say or do. It seems to me that even the nicest, caring people in the world cannot avoid offending someone who has a different opinion on life. It is not possible to label everything that might offend someone. As you write, what on earth does "Contains intense emotional scenes" mean - the death of the guinea pig or the mistress desperately pleading with her lover for him to leave his wife and 10 children.

FlipC said...

Next you'll be given a full synopsis of the film before you see it or have to sign a disclaimer.

That said the PG rated Harry Potter: CoS did contain some seriously scary bits for younger children, then again that's the point of Parental Guidance so you can cover their eyes. If it had been rated U then I'd have complained.

Actually I've got the solution films use the same rating system as games - PEGI. They've a heap of symbols to cover things beyond the broad age-restrictions. Hmmm I feel a pondering coming on.