Friday, January 02, 2009

My precious DVR!

Woke up this morning to find my Humax 9200 freeview recorder was still humming. I'd set it to record the second series of the IT Crowd last night, but that finished around 1am. It's happened before and I know occasionally in this state it doesn't respond and ypou have to do a full power off.

One power off and power up and up popped the TV - for about 5 seconds and then the picture froze. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Leave it to 'cool off' repeat.

So I go online and some people have had similar problems in the past. Their recommendations were to do a full unplug power and aerial. Still froze, repeat but leaving the aerial out no problems I can access the menu system and everything without a hitch. I plug the aerial back in and it freezes. Damn!

I remove the aerial and delete the latest recordings in case they've corrupted something - nada.

I was just tempted to hit the FORMAT button and end it all, then a thought struck me - it's freezing as it tries to pick up the Electronic Programme Guide. Perhaps the listings are screwed?

Unplug the aerial - and reset to factory defaults wiping out the all the channel lists. Do a manual sweep to pick up Sutton Coldfield (manual as it bicks up Burlish (?) if I'm not careful) and lo everything was fine.

Damn I wish I'd had that thought before I'd started deleting programmes