Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yeah yeah more traffic

It appears my earlier premise that the lights on Worcester Road were biased towards the town may have been erroneous, the three-way has now been set in place and they are strictly dumb. Both this set and the set in the centre of town are operating on a standard 1 minute rotation. This means if you join a stationary queue you have a maximum wait time of 2 minutes before you'll move and a maximum of 1 minute to reach the lights before they change. Obviously the amount of traffic in front of you sets the length of time you'll have to wait, as an example sitting halfway down Lion Hill I joined the queue at 06, started moving at 08 until 09, stopped, then started at 11 until 12, stopped until 14 then managed to get past the light in York Street.

The same time spans occurred in Gilgal - once I'd managed to get join from Vale Road and therein lies the fun for the morning. As it stands I think we don't quite have enough traffic to cause a island-Gilgal-Vale Road-High Street-Bridge Street, York Street-Lion Hill-Mitton Street-island jam, but with the delays in flowing the traffic from Kiddy into Gilgal I'll expect some long queues into the you have de facto right-of-way over us mess that is Gilgal.

So let's point fingers, who the hell allowed the work in Stourport to take place before the work in Worcester Road had finished, it's only going on until the 19th apparently so would it have killed them to delay until then? Nope we get both bloody sets up at exactly the same time. Better yet the part they're digging up on Worcester Road is three bloody lanes wide just switch the right-turn out into a exit road from the island (especially as it's bloody useless in its normal manner anyway) and the island would take care of itself.

No thought except ug we dig now!

Oops forgot to mention the uniform on patrol, nope not a parking attendant a PCSO who of course can no longer do anything much about the traffic; I've been informed that the enforcers don't even start until the 8th - jolly good show why would we need that around at the minute?


Anonymous said...

We were so glad we found your comments! We've lived in stourport for three years and have regretted the move ever since... but only because of the roads! The few months the bridge was being worked on was just about bearable most of the time, then they shut it completly, complete pain, now they're messing around with the one way system.... again! We can't take much more! We're up in Arley and I'm due to give birth in the next few weeks... hopefully not in the back of a car in the one way system in a long que! Keep ranting... it did cheer us up to know that not everyone is just putting up with it silently!!! Thanks!

FlipC said...

The annoying thing is that Stourport is really nice, provided you don't actually want to go anywhere else. We're not too far from Worcester and Birmingham and have a reasonable selection in town while at the same time being surrounded by greenery with some fantastic walks.

The problem has, in my opinion, been neglect; everything has focused on Kidderminster and Bewdley to the detriment of this town. It is only now that the spotlight has landed on us, but too late. We needed another bridge two-three decades ago, now it's "too expensive" so instead we get patch-work 'Make place look pretty'.

Anyway I'm glad you found me, more glad you enjoyed reading my stuff. I'll keep on ranting because, as I found out in my latest entry, if we don't say something no-body else will.

I hope everything goes well with the baby, if you do get stuck on the way maybe you can give it the nickname "Q" :-)