Monday, October 08, 2007

Making a mess

So on the plus side the Worcester Road lights are still gone, but the mess is still there including a nasty temporary patching job when you're coming into Stourport close to Discovery Road; on the downside they've set up some lights in Bridge Street. Directly on Bridge Street so simple two-way's rather then the previous three-way so some small consolation there.

They've dug up the left-hand side of York Street, forcing everyone to the right as before with the light, but this time without telling anyone or preventing all the cars parking down said lane (which they didn't do before either actually). For those of a nervous disposition ignore all the Road Ahead Closed and Bridge Street Closed signs they've left up 'cos it ain't. Likewise ignore all the diversion signs still on display.

Parking attendants were in force and moved on the four cars in High Street and the lorry parked on the pavement in Bridge Street... nope I'm lying again - nobody in sight. Hopefully they're not working to a rota otherwise it'll be as before with the 'Don't park on Thursday'.

No less then four signs on the approach to the town over the bridge, all one after the other and all on the right-hand side of the road RAMP, TE R S, CA R I, and a forth that was completely masked by the other three; feel free to guess the two partials. Oddly enough I don't tend to look to my right to spot signs relating to the left-hand lane I'm currently in.

[update 9/10 - slight mistake the signs have been placed in order of importance so that's NO ROAD MARKINGS, TE R S, CA R I and R; the last one being RAMP, or 'Bloody Hell!']

Although I didn't see it this time around Raven Street is probably out of commission, or at least will be as there was a public notice talking about closure and a temporary reversal of the one-way. Good-old access to frontage allowed, though I'm guessing they'll have to reverse out if they block one end off.

On a positive note they were putting up three street lights over the weekend and I got a reasonable look at them coming down to the bridge - meh too showy for my taste and out of curiosity if the public consultation allowed us to air views on colours and styles of the bins who picked out the lights?