Friday, October 12, 2007

Sitting in a queue

So that was fun last night, a bit of late-night work in York Street meant extending the barriers out into the island so that anybody turning left or going straight on interfered with the traffic in Bridge Street and New Street. Combine that with the lights still being up on Bridge Street and you had a 2 mile tailback through the town, compare that to the less then tenth of a mile queue on the other side and you can guess something needs to be done.

The Shuttle seems to be having an off-day with three (count them three) stories about Stourport they would be Illegal parking in York Street which is actually a story about PACT; Hopes Traffic Chaos Might Ease which is about the reduction of the three-way to a two-way and the removal of the Worcester Road lights; and Street Works Postponed which I've already mentioned and reiterates some points made in the previous article.

The most interesting snippet was that despite being stated as closed the bridge was in fact open for "much of the time" really hmm when exactly was this? I've also added a comment about the closure until the fifteenth I wonder if anyone will read it and answer before the point becomes moot?