Thursday, October 25, 2007

Watching Central News in an obtuse mood

No I wasn't 'stoned' as someone put it, this is just my normal frame of mind.

First of we start with death, some young lads drowning in a lake. For about 30' the lake is about 3' deep, but then it drops down to 18' - well they should have read all those non-existent warning signs shouldn't they.

Next a 2-year old is trapped under a car, quick send out a crew to cover it. Look a tree and a car and some people and some tape, that was worth driving out for wasn't it. The reporter mentioned that on the way to the scene they saw the ambulance heading out to the hospital - so why didn't you follow it; I wanted to see the two-year old's injuries, damn media never giving the public what they want.

The story of an 11-year old who was stabbed multiple times, both he and his father were convinced he'd die, but thanks to "life-saving surgery" he's okay. Good job they performed life-saving surgery and not just run-of-mill surgery, and out of curiosity would it still be life-saving surgery if he'd died? Anyway his report to camera was interesting "I was concious and I was bleeding profusely and when the ambulance came I was vomiting from lack of blood" someone's been reading the on-site reports or the newspaper reports too much.

Car fire in a lay-by off the A47, quick send another television crew out to cover it, damn they've stuck up a big blue tent over the incident how bloody selfish. Honestly you send a television crew out to get pictures and they go and do that; have they no respect for the press? You can tell the reporter was peeved "If you look over my shoulder you'll see the big blue inflatable tent" where "forensic teams are trying to work out exactly what happened"... or playing poker or having a sauna we don't know 'cos we can't see I don't know why I bother with these live reports if we're going to be treated like this.

Finally a happy note, well sort of, in aid to Honduras sometimes it's the simple things like a "bag to put your school things in" and actually having some school things or "a proper mattress instead of a piece of cardboard" hey that's my piece of cardboard, I earned that piece of cardboard, do you know what I had to do to get that piece of cardboard and now you just swan in here and take it away and give me this soft lumpy thing; how am I supposed to get any sleep on that?