Monday, October 15, 2007

Road work hiatus

So it looks like all the work is now done, or at least in a stopped state, so how's it looking?

The road's up to the same level as the ironworks so no metal death or ramps to negotiate; some shiny double lines that someone commented look "narrower" have been painted; and the parking outside the Flamingo is now officially part of one long parking bay, so the uphill lane now appears to be too narrow.

The approach to the Pelican crossing is a different texture to the rest of the road, vaguely rumbly; and I'm guessing that the giant swathe of reddy beige that appears to extend across the frontage of both pubs is the 'gateway feature' - lovely as it's already been decorated with a dark tread-like pattern.

Neither of the Pelican crossings are functional yet, and they're now digging up the right-hand side of York Street near the Lion Hill entrance so be advised you're about to turn a corner into a set of roadworks.

[Update - Pelican crossings now functional, the surfaces are actual rumble strips, and the 'gateway feature' extending across the front of the Tandoori (my mistake) has some new stripy tyre motifs; and I thought I was right about this, the warning sign on the left of York Street (none on the right) tells you that the left hand lane is closed with the right side being open; oops]

So far so good, let's see what happens when it rains paying close attention to the join between the bridge resurface and the street resurface, feels off to me.

[Additional - My concern was that leaving the town and switching from the new to 'old' surface my car would drop to the left, it seems that no puddles are forming there though at this time]