Monday, October 01, 2007

Gentlemen start your swearing

So yep they've dug up the first part of High Street next to the junction of New Street and continued on the same line down into Bridge Street. A three-way set of traffic lights have been set up on Bridge Street, York Street and High Street, so far so easy.


  1. The lights on the left hand side of Bridge Street and York Street have been set next to their respective sets of Pelican crossings, both these crossings are still operational meaning you have potentially two sets of conflicting lights on each of these junctions.
  2. There is only one set of lights on York Street and that's on the left, therefore these lights only cover the left/straight and not the right turn into High Street, which is currently down to one lane. Normally traffic from Bridge Street has a continuing path across the small island into lane 1 of High Street (now blocked), York Street has a right-of-way right turn into lane 2 of High Street; they can then switch lanes if need be. Thus traffic from either Bridge Street or New Street will, if not careful, collide with traffic coming out of York Street.
  3. No cones are placing the currently open side of Bridge Street off-limits to parking or loading, traffic can still load/unload there legally
What a surprise the Wyre Forest District Council line is "all of our advisers are busy" ah now I'm on hold... and now I'm through.

That was fun and I'm not being sarcy, a chat to someone who appreciated the problems that would be caused by those three points and the fact that the Worcester Road lights are still up.

Talking about when these things go up and are finished...
"It would be useful if these things were put up somewhere prominently on your website"
"They are!"
"Prominently? I can't find them and I'm an IT Manager. You only get the excel spreadsheet"
"I compile that and send it through, but there's a summary of the current ones...[directions]"
"Uh-huh the pretty picture whereby if I want to find out about traffic lights, I click on the traffic light and get an application form for setting up a temporary set"
"Oh, you want Road Disruptions"
"Nope, I'll go back a topic from Highways and Transportation to Transport, and I've got exactly the same page... oo Traffic Congestion?"
"Try that"
"What is traffic congestion and what can you do about it"

Yep you get a whole different list if you access the site internally.

Anyway three-way lights on Worcester Road/Hartlebury Road from tomorrow until the 19th, Bridge Lights until the 1st of December and for Don the Lickhill Road lights are there until the 6th of November.

Just read that again - two sets of three-way lights from tomorrow on two of the main points in town.