Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Traffic meh

Not too bad this morning; I'd got a call about half seven telling me the lights were stuck on red, but this seemed to have been resolved by the time I got out.

The pedestrian crossing lights went out last night, and they'd solved (temporarily I hope) the York Street double lane problem by, wait for it, blocking off the left hand lane with the traffic light. As a result everyone turned into York Street; got into the left hand lane, as the majority do; and then found they needed to switch over, of course all the cars were still parked on the right.

Anyway this was not helped by the Larry, Curly, and Moe signs set up directly in front of the lights - Traffic Lights in operation, yep I can see them; Roadworks Ahead; and Road closed on the right, no it isn't you've blocked off the left. Oh you mean road closed on the right in Bridge Street the road I might be turning into, gee thanks for the warning I was planning on driving down the wrong side of the road like I normally do after turning the corner. Oh and by the way it's road closed on the left if I'm turning right into High Street, missed that one didn't you.

As a bonus they've set them up in the one spot they can that's not a parking bay - the bus stop. So now the bus can't pull in fully against the left-hand lane and thus blocks off the right hand lane that everyone now has to use.

The three-way on the Worcester Road/Hartlebury Road hasn't materialised yet and has in fact shrunk to the point where the two-way system seems to be only in place to direct traffic around the lights themselves. Timing seems to be favoured towards town, that is if the long queue of traffic in the normally quiet Worcester Road is anything to go by.

Oh and Pauline mentions that the Wyre (radio) said that the traffic last night extended from Stourport into Kidderminster, that makes sense with Hartlebury Road blocked off and the feedback up Gilgal onto the main drag. She's having fun as she only gets a half-hour lunch and has to get back to take her dogs out (they're not well) it's took her twenty minutes each way yesterday.